2017 Update

Hi All,

Thought I'd take a moment and update everyone. Many of you might remember I finally traded away the 1300 in April of 2015 for a VStar Bolt.
Later that summer moved to Galveston, Texas.
I've been here on the Island since and enjoying every minute of it!

Currently I'm working in Houston, and really racking up the miles on the Bolt. I've been averaging 120mi per day, around 600mi/week. I bought the Bolt with 3000mi and its currently showing just over 41000mi. The only real mods I've done are adding a K&N fresh air kit and drilled out the exhaust. Well, I did add the bullet cowl and passenger back rest too.
Of course, I had my buddy Sean's 1300 for a few months while I got it back to running order (you might remembering me asking for OEM parts, cleaning off a few shelves). So his 1300 took a few thousand miles while I ran it over the winter of 2015/2016. He finally sold it off last year to a new owner further down the coast.

Things are going well here, plenty of sunshine, beach and good times. We have the Lone Star Rally each November which brings several hundred-thousand bikes to the Island for a week, and there's always a club event going on down here.

I've been showing the car this year, and so far taken a 1st and a 2nd place in class with more to come (I hope).

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Hi Everyone!

I've been working on some organization and streamlining on our server here (got another usage warning from our hosting company)... that's a good thing! Anyway... we're all clean again. In fact, I would be surprised if response time didn't improve a bit with the cleanup. Moving forward, we may have to boost our bandwidth/storage space. I really don't want to purge any posts or images, so that really isn't an option.

I've added a small ad unit for non-authenticated users (non-members). It seems as though there are always way more browsers here than actual members (147 guests vs. 5 members as I write this), so I'll show them an extra ad, while trying to keep them to a minimum for our members. You'll see it once you land on the main page, but it'll go away after you log in.

I've taken down the online store. Amazon kicked all Missouri residents out of their affiliate program because of some sales tax law the Governor signed into effect... apparently Amazon didn't like it. First time I've been fired from anywhere. Won't go into the details, but thanks to everyone that purchased something through our link! On my to-do list is to design some 1300 swag (t-shirts, hats, mugs, etc)... not sure when that'll happen, but I'm hoping before Christmas time.

Anyway... I hope this finds you well. I got a chance to meet Brian Q. last weekend for lunch... it was good seeing him again! Can't wait to see the rest of you! Gosh... time to start voting on M&G 7!!

Take care!

Will R.

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I cannot download a pic

I do what I usually do.....go to Upload....choose my shows as being listed and then when I hit Submit it tells me I need to upload a pic. I've done this a bajillion times (maybe more) and it still won't take. Grrrrr!!!

Long time , no posts.

I took vacation in late July to ride home to Indiana and loved every minute of it! The first day was almost 9 hours in the saddle and an 11.5 hour day to Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky. The weather was perfect. A little fog in the AM, but sunny the rest of the day. I spent two nights at Mammoth Cave (in the hotel, and very glad I made that decision). Monday morning I rode to Indianapolis in a driving rain, but because it was a warm rain I enjoyed it. In the two weeks I was away, that was the only rain I really rode it. I think I got pretty lucky. I did end up getting my oil done at a dealership near Crown Point, IN, but I made it all the way back to Mobile, AL, before needing to replace the rear tire. It's only been in the last six weeks that I haven't ridden the bike to work and only because I've had to work in places I don't normally go and the weather has been questionable (although it's gorgeous outside now, and I'm at work until Friday morning). Anyhoo, I'm still around and still alive and riding! Anybody know of a good mod for 'parade' lights? I've been riding with the Patriot Guard all Summer and would like to have some flashing lights.

Cool October Ride, Temps that is

Had a couple of hours late this Sunday afternoon to myself and couldn't resist going for a short 60 mile ride. Nothing too spectacular, just my regular ride out to Elburn IL, up to Silver Glen Road and back. Saw a few other motorcyclists out but not as many during warmer periods. We wave as we pass each other, knowing we're a very special group experiencing something the cagers don't even have clue about. Riding out in the open, fresh air, (really fresh at 56 degrees) just out riding our motorcycles, for no particular reason except to go for a ride. Haven't put the windshield back on, that was a mistake. Cold? Nah, this is refreshing, pretty soon I'll be wishing for riding in 56 degrees. Sure I got another hoodie I could add for maybe some extra warmth, but I'll just keep going. Damn, glad I'm not really far from home, kind of feeling the chill. Another thing I was noticing, the state of the farms. Either mowed flat and cleared, or the big machines out starting the process. Colors, yellow, crimson, brown and tan. Damn I'm feeling cold, but glad I got out. Don't know how many more of these I'll get in for the rest of the year.

If you're ever out in Elburn, strongly suggest you stop at the Ream's Elburn Market, an old-fashioned family-owned business that specializes in knowledgable, friendly service and high quality fresh meat, smoked meats, and other unique food items. Best strip steaks I've ever bought, and they're award winning sausage makers.

Tom, Carol Stream, Illinois

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