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2009 V-Star 1300 Tourer tires

I just want to know if I am right in my assumption that Bridgestone is the only tire available for this model bike?? I am only getting 4000-5000 miles for these tires... Anyone else dealing with this???

Great day on the 1300

This early fall has been great for some short rides. A week ago a short one to the upper county and a visit to the Roslyn Farmers Market. Always a nice break. Last Sunday around the Kittitas Valley for 3 hours. Toured the back roads on the west and north sides. Really nice to avoid the freeway. Ended up with a ride to the end of the north fork of the Taneum road. Just made it back before a real soaker of a cloudburst. Always that risk in the early fall but what a nice ride. Still learning the handling quirks of the 1300. Way different from the BMW 650.

First Long Road Trip

I have always wanted to take a long trip on the bike and in about 3 weeks I hope to fulfill that wish. I have a 2007 1300 Tourer. I live in central Massachusetts and a friend and I would be going to Elizabethtown, KY to hook up with my brother and a couple of his buddies. From there we plan to go to Nashville, TN and down the Natchez Trace Parkway to Natchez, MS and then back home. I figure the trip should be in the 2500 mile range. I am looking for some advice on what to pack and some recommendations of what gear, i.e. rain gear, boots, pants, and so on that some of you experienced riders might suggest. I would definitely appreciate your input. Thanks.

Labor Day ride around the perimeter of the Kittitas Valley

We had another great ride around the entire perimeter of the Kittitas Valley. Back roads all the way and a bit over 70 miles. Been here for 5 generations and it is still about as nice a place as you could ask for to live. There is a good diversity of people and farms and growth. The bike continues to impress the more I ride it. My 40 yr old son rode it this weekend and liked it also. He is a sport bike racer and campaigns a Triumph 650 Daytona. He likes the 1300 as a great ride that is comfortable for two and has adequate power. We hope to get several more good rides in this year before the snow comes. Chetlongshooter

Factory Seat Backrest

Has anyone successfully modified the factory seat with a backrest? My wife drove her 1300 Tourer 1200 miles last week. Much of the time she had luggage mounted on the pillion, which provided a backrest for a comfortable ride. However, when riding without luggage, her back would quickly ache. I had purchased a Mustang Vintage seat (which I have on my Road Star and it provides great lumbar support). It did not work for her. The problem is that the lumbar is too far away from the rider. Has anyone come up with a lumbar support modification for the OEM seat? Many thanks for your response(s).

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