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Moving Forward

Well... as the sleet hits my skylights, I am really getting cabin fever. Soon the sleet will change to snow and I'll be fortunate enough to wake up tomorrow morning with 4-6 inches of snow on the ground.

I took another short ride Sunday and it was pretty chilly. It really reminded me of coming out of a mountain pass in Montana, only is wasn't raining.

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New image galleries

Hi all!

Well... after much frustration with the image galleries, I have changed it's format. You all should now have access to post photos to the albums. If you would like your own album, shoot me an email and I'll get it added asap!

Will R.

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First Ride - Complete Review

After a long cold spell I have finally had the opportunity to take my new 1300 Tourer out for a test ride. I can't complain too much about the cold weather... I definitely think it was a factor in the low price I paid for the bike ($9700).

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First ride

Finally a warmer day in the KC area... the ice has melted and I finally got a chance to hit the road with the 1300 Tourer!

I will be posting a full review tomorrow. I will also be taking several detailed photos within the next few days... look for them in the gallery this weekend.

Bottom line: I love this bike!

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Welcome to my blog!

Well... I figure this would be a good place to post entries as to what is going on with as well as some of my extracurricular activities!

The 1300 Tourer was unloaded from the trailer last night... and the first impression was a good one. At this point, I am waiting for warmer weather to start adding miles for the break-in period.

I love the size of the hard saddlebags. I can actually fit my tent and sleeping bag into one of the saddles!

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