Factory Seat Backrest

Has anyone successfully modified the factory seat with a backrest? My wife drove her 1300 Tourer 1200 miles last week. Much of the time she had luggage mounted on the pillion, which provided a backrest for a comfortable ride. However, when riding without luggage, her back would quickly ache. I had purchased a Mustang Vintage seat (which I have on my Road Star and it provides great lumbar support). It did not work for her. The problem is that the lumbar is too far away from the rider. Has anyone come up with a lumbar support modification for the OEM seat? Many thanks for your response(s).

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M&G 7 Update

Hi Everyone,

I've added the last couple suggestions to our M&G 7 destination options.... Durango, CO and Sharon Springs, KS. Have a look at both locations. One of our members is especially passionate about Sharon Springs!

We'll start voting in a couple weeks.

Will R.

Another Sunday ride

We had another ride on Sunday. It was such a nice day we decided that a trip up to Salmon-La-Sac would be nice. The traffic on the freeway was crazy so we got off and used secondary roads all day. Took a little side trip to Cooper Lake. The road up there through the forest is great. It is paved to the lake junction and very curvy. As we get more time on the bike we appreciate it more and more. For the two of us, medium size adults, it seems about ideal. I might in the future set the bars back a bit to reduce the minor stretch if I am all the way back on the seat. I very much like the torque curve. Lots of power at the right time. We are looking forward to some nice fall rides.

Road Trip Summer 2013

Hi Everybody

I am getting ready for my second long road trip on my 2010 1300 Tourer. I just want to thank all on this forum for your thoughtful advise. I have posted many questions (most very stupid HA HA!) in the last year and a half and I have made many decisions based on the sound advise i received from this board.

Last summer I rode from Western WA to Grants Pass Oregon then over to Crescent City CA. From Crescent City I hugged the California coastline all the way to the Hearst Castle. From there I rode to Yosemite National Park, Lake Tahoe then up through central Oregon back to Washington.

In a week or so I'll be riding from western WA to Great Falls MT then central Montana on Highway 200 to Highway 2 to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. From the UP I'll cross the Mackinaw bridge to Grand Rapids MI to hang out with some of my old high school buddies. Then I'll board the Lake Express ferry from Muskegon to Milwaukee and ride I-90 back home, with stops at the Badlands, Black Hills and possibly take the Highway 212 short cut from Sturgis to Hardin MT.

I welcome any info on interesting stops or things to avoid along the way as well as any touring tips you have encountered on your rides. Have any of you rode Highway 212 and is it a worthy short cut? Any Mackinaw bridge advise and how is the Lake Express ferry? Just got new tires and service on my 1300T, getting packed and am almost ready to go.

Thanks again for all your help...... this board has many good people and I'm honored to be a part of it.

Like the V-Star 1300 a lot

Have had several more rides on the 1300. It continues to impress me. I drilled out the exhaust as shown in the forum. A very nice difference indeed. No longer acts as if it is being held back. Very small change in the sound but a change none the less. My gas mileage has risen about 12% as well. I have to keep reading to see if there are other well documented changes that will improve the bike.

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