Ride 6 and 7

Had another couple of rides this weekend. Saturday up the CleElum River to Salmon La Sac and Sunday morning out the Vantage Highway and all of the north side canyon roads coming home. Lots of fire closures so you can not go past the end of the pavement. Did not make it up the White river but maybe next weekend. I have noticed that the V-Star 1300 is not nearly as nimble as my BMW F650GS. Takes a bit of getting used to for sure. I did not expect it to be but there is a huge difference between the two. They both have their strong points and where the BMW was just unusable the V-Star 1300 really shines. I am glad I kept the BMW for commuting and I am very glad to have the 1300 for two up riding. Cheers

Ride number 5

We had time for another back road ride on Sunday. Took the canyon to the Yakima valley and out around Gleed and Naches. Lots of orchards and farming going on. The 1300 seems to be an ideal bike for us. It is easy to handle on narrow roads with plenty of low end torque to get around in steep intersections. Looking forward to a ride up the White river drainage this coming weekend.

"on the road again"

Well its back out on the road again for me. I leave in the morning to head to Lincoln, Ne. to start driving for CRETE. The good part is i'll be home every 6-8 days and i'll be making more money than before.

Big Shano's follow up . . . . .

OK, after posting my blog (see First ride on the 1300.....), I got a few appreciated responses from members - thank you to Banshee15, westpac68 and Red Rider! Being a newbie member on this site, I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly you guys responded.
So - I took Red Riders advice and read thru the Forums, found BoomerSooner's excellent instructions, results and photos for drilling out the stock exhaust to help alleviate the surging issue, and said to myself "hey, this is a winner - I'll go with that!!"
Now, being somewhat mechanically inclined - and having plenty of experience with motors and exhaust systems, I figured that Red Rider and Boomer Sooner know that feeling of .... this thing wants to open up and sing, but that dang muffler is choking the living shite out of it!!
So I got out the hole saws, modified an extension and drilled out the baffle plate in the exhaust to 1"1/4.
Ofcourse, I believe "the proof is in the pudding" so I immediately phoned my good mate Mick and said "lets go for a ride around the block to try out my exhaust" (approx 400 k's, or 249 miles). So we braved the cold, cloudy wintery Australian weather and hit the road today for a test run.
Results?? Astounding!!! The bike has a new lease of life, it breathes, it growls when you open the throttle at 80 mile an hour, and it doesn't do that silly surge thing at low revs!!
I had the best ride since I clocked up 1225 k's riding it home from Queensland the day I bought it.
Thanks guys, next I might tackle the airbox - and open it up a touch ....
Keep you posted,

Shano -
Rollin Down Under

New to us 2008 1300 Tourer

Just had our 4th ride on the bike this Sunday. Rode from Ellensburg over to the basin and on backroads for the afternoon. We were quite amazed at all of the agriculture that has developed. We very much like the bike for two up riding.

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