Finally! A Vacation!

I haven't been on the website lately, but I have been riding. Mostly to and from work (Mobile, AL, to Houma, LA, and back every other week). I wanted to go to the Blue Ridge Parkway back in June, but higher taxes this year have meant less take home pay, and I'm already living paycheck to paycheck, so I wasn't able to go. But now I finally said, "Enough is enough! I need a break!" I've taken vacation and tomorrow morning I'm leaving for northern Indiana to visit my family. I'm gonna ride from Mobile to Mammoth Cave National Park and spend two nights there, then continue to Fishers, IN, north of Indianapolis to stay an evening with my Aunt and Uncle, then on to New Haven, IN, where I grew up and spend a night there, then on to Syracuse, IN, where Mom and Dad now live. I'll spend 4-5 days with them and then go over to Crown Point, IN, to spend 4-5 days with my baby sister and her family before finally returning home to Mobile. The bike will be due an oil change while I'm in Indiana and I may have to break down and take it to a shop instead of doing it myself unless my brother-in-law has a jack to get under the bike better. Heck I might even need a new rear tire before coming back to Mobile. I picked up the bike on 1/21/2103 with 9 miles on it, now it has 6389 miles on it! I love riding it!

Out for lunch

Vahnia and I went for lunch yesterday. It was a short 240 mile trip one way. Went over to Lamberts (home of the thrown roll) in Ozark, Missouri. Vahnia had never been there, and of course Bass Pro is just up the road. All in all we put on 550 mile for the day and got some good food and good riding in!

Revisit Wind Buffeting - HD Lowers

I'm a new member (about 2 weeks) and I have an 07 1300 Tourer. I read the extensive discussions regarding wind buffeting and lowers. Based upon what I read, I purchased a set of the HD lowers. My 1300 is equipped with an MC Enterprises Engine Guard, so I purchased the lowers that are intended for use with an engine guard. My dilemma is making them fit. It would appear that regardless of where I mount them, they will bump the engine guard when turned stop to stop. I can probably live with that. However, the HD lowers have 3 screw holes, none of which align with anything on the windshield mounting. I expected that I would have to drill holes to make a modification. Has anyone installed these lowers so they look like an OEM installation? If so, do you have a picture of the mounting area that you could share? Many thanks.

The English Posse Is Home

We arrived home at 11am Monday 8th July after a great 7 days in New York.
I don't know when it will be but both Paul and I look forward to seeing you all again sometime.


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Home at last

Lori and I made it home at last! We are glad to be home and relaxing.

This was one of the best vacations in a while. We saw a lot and drove some beautiful country, got reacquainted with old friends and met many new ones.
We are exhausted and it will take a few days to get caught back up, But I wanted everyone to know we are home and well.

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