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Home at last

Lori and I made it home at last! We are glad to be home and relaxing.

This was one of the best vacations in a while. We saw a lot and drove some beautiful country, got reacquainted with old friends and met many new ones.
We are exhausted and it will take a few days to get caught back up, But I wanted everyone to know we are home and well.

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Happy Independence Day!

To all of our U.S. members, have a safe and happy Independence Day.

Will R.

Hey everyone

I am a new v-star rider and I need some help getting new tires. I need to know what's a good set for my v-star. I don't want cheap and I don't want rly expensive. Somewhere in the middle if some one could send me a link to where I can order a good set that would be great. Any advice is well accepted

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Visiting Motorcycle Group Donates Food to Harvest Share

Hi Everyone!

I found this article in the PDC Courier Press and wanted to share. Thanks to all of you who participated and especially Conrad for taking the time and effort to get this set up for us. My interviewing skills need a little fine tuning... hopefully I did our family justice. :)

Destination ideas for M&G 7 can be emailed to me... depending on the number I get, we'll either do a bracket again or just one poll.

Will R.

Happy B-Day to "The Wife"

Today is "The Wife's" Birthday. I just wanted to say that without her I would be completely lost in life.

We will be heading out later today up to KC to dinner! A short 100 miles away!

I know some of you wished her a happy B-day already and she was really taken back by the amount of love that all of you sent her way! This 1300 Family is something special indeed!

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