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Also home safe...

Thanks so much for great rides, great friends, and good times. It was great meeting our members from across the big water, and meeting some new family, and rekindling old friendship's. Got to see the kids again on my way back, left their house near Grand Rapids about 10:00 am, got home around 9:00 pm. Had to stop a few times to tape and re-tape my right front turn signal that fell apart after one nasty pot-hole, other than that, it was a good trip. Miss all of you already, can't wait till we meet again. Now, where's that going to be??? Love all you guy's, Mark Jenks, yes Cliff, Mark Jenks. :)

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I blame it on Conrad!

Leaving PDC area with Larry and Dixie in tow, (Larry didn't want to lead any more, I think he regretted that decision later.) we headed NW in search of fun roads. We managed to hit just about every detour they had in the state I think. We managed to drive on some roads even Larry had not been on before. Some of them were fun and some not so much.

We also had a nasty day with birds. Dixie darn near got hit by an eagle. I almost got hit by a hawk and I had two birds play chicken with me and they split and passed by on each side of me, but by far the worst was one little bird that tried to cross in front of me and got sucked in by the air deflectors, but didn't quite make it through. The gap was a little small and the deflector split the bird in two. some went flying off to the side and some of the bird ended up all over my left arm and the rest was jammed into the deflector. I had to stop and pull all the feathers and intestines out.

The four of us stopped for lunch before splitting up and heading our separate ways. Larry and Dixie headed to relatives and Lori and I headed northwest. I was sorry to say goodbye. We have had so much fun with them in such a short period. It will be one of my most pleasant memories of all time.

Lori and I had a nice ride to north Minneapolis area and stopped for the night at an extended stay hotel and did the laundry.

This morning we got up late and just could not get into getting on the bike, but we managed somehow. The trip through northern Minnesota was a pleasant one. The weather was nice and the temps in the low 80's and lots of lakes to look at. Not a whole lot to see without major detours so we just kept heading North.

This next part, I am going to blame on Conrad...

We got to the border crossing and pulled up to the window and the girl asked the usual questions, where are you going? How long are you staying? what is the purpose of your trip?

Home and safe

We took the long way home and tallied up 325 miles for the trip home. Made it to the sister in laws and begged a couple cups of coffee before taking an unexpected nap in the recliner. Had dinner with them and back on the road. Got home around 9:00 PM.

Dixie and I had a great time riding around the area and hanging with everyone. You guys are some of the best in the world. i am proud to call you all of you my family.

I am looking forward to the Fall M&G and the next Toad Choker.

Made it home.

Rode out with the Neal posse and Clint and Rita. Good temps for the ride but the wind was terrible!

As always we had a blast. Made some more great friends. I think Vahnia found her long lost twin!!!

Thanks to all that made the trip and helped out with everything.

**** Mick and Paul
you two guys are something special. Too bad it was only three day we got to spend together. I think Vahnia could have listened to your stories for weeks (she loves your accent) lol!

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Got in around 3pm (beat the GPS estimated time by 1:15... kind of a fun game). Started on the chores immediately. All-in-all everyone fared well except a bunny that we lost to the heat. First tomatoes, tomatillos, peppers, zucchini, and fresh cold milk were waiting for me when I got home!

Like always when we get together, the time was amazing. Thank you to the folks who made their first journey to meet this bunch of great people and to all of you who keep coming back! Can't wait for the next one!

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