M&G going home

Red Rider is home safe, sound and exhausted.
The rest of you ride safe too.

Red Rider

There are some very dubious characters on US roads

And Paul and I met some of them today. One riding a Goldwing and the rest on V-Star 1300's.

Paul and I made a leisurely start and were heading north from Dubuque with plenty of time to kill so we decided to get off the main roads and meander over the Mississippi River looking at the rural areas of Wisconsin and Iowa. Just before we left the main road I saw a group of motorcycles approaching from behind and started to slow down but reached the off ramp before they caught us up. I slowed right down at the top of the ramp and Paul was bent double in his seat looking over his shoulder as they got closer. All of a sudden he has shouting in my ear, they are 1300's.
I made the turn and then pulled over to let them pass which they did waving madly, well except for the Goldwing rider. Apparently I did not have the right body shape for Paul to be interested in looking.
The bikes pulled in at a gas station a short distance p the road and we followed to say hello to some new friends before we then started our journey again with the prospect of meeting up later in the afternoon. We had more sightseeing and shopping to do before we got to the motel.

Stayner/Yates Gang

After meeting Gary & Lori in Sioux City Saturday night then riding the Loess Hills for most of the day we finally landed at the Stayner hideout. All we could find to feed them was a big juicy steak. I will try to do better next time. 525 miles so far and we still have another 250 to go. This is Gary & Lori's 5th day of travel so they are sleeping in this morning. Should be on the road by 10:00 AM and roll into PDC around 3:00 PM. We are stopping at J&P Cycles on the way up.

Annnnnnnnnd were off!

Gettin started a little late, but had to wait till the vet opened to drop of the dog. If everything goes half way to plan, we should hit PDC around 6-7pm tonite.
Hope everyone has safe travels today and see ya'll soon!

European Posse Report

A very long day, up at 2.30am as we both couldn't sleep. The alarm was set for 3.30am but better early than late. Coach collected us at 4.30am and arrived at the airport to be greeted by an enormous queue at the check in and the gates not open. They did open shortly after our arrival and we were soon through and we were then hit by the plane taking off 30 minutes late as it was late arriving.
Flight okay, united airlines obviously has no upper age limit for staff as it was like being served by your mother during the flight. No problems with that, just reporting facts.
So arrived 30 mins late and the 2 hours in the arrivals area waiting to clear immigration. A real pain but sad that it has to be like that.
Shuttle bus to Dollar to collect the mustang, arrived at 2pm and the car was booked from 12 mid day to be told that hey hadn't got any mustangs at that time. Another 30 minute wait and then on the road, road works, 30+ degree temps, heavy rain but eventually at Dubuque Iowa.
Culvers for a light evening meal, I don't think and the bed as we've been so far for about 20 hours and haven't been to Culvers yet.
See you all tomorrow

Mick & Paul

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