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2017 Update - Fall

Hi Team,

After rolling up 57K miles on the Bolt, I pulled the trigger on another bike....a 2014 Stryker. Can't wait to show it off at the Lone Star Rally next week!

Of course, the Stryker will now be my daily driver, so it should start accumulating miles quickly. Bought is used showing 2100 miles. I ride over 600 miles per week, so it shouldn't take long to rack up the mileage.

2017 Update

Hi All,

Thought I'd take a moment and update everyone. Many of you might remember I finally traded away the 1300 in April of 2015 for a VStar Bolt.
Later that summer moved to Galveston, Texas.
I've been here on the Island since and enjoying every minute of it!

Currently I'm working in Houston, and really racking up the miles on the Bolt. I've been averaging 120mi per day, around 600mi/week. I bought the Bolt with 3000mi and its currently showing just over 41000mi. The only real mods I've done are adding a K&N fresh air kit and drilled out the exhaust. Well, I did add the bullet cowl and passenger back rest too.
Of course, I had my buddy Sean's 1300 for a few months while I got it back to running order (you might remembering me asking for OEM parts, cleaning off a few shelves). So his 1300 took a few thousand miles while I ran it over the winter of 2015/2016. He finally sold it off last year to a new owner further down the coast.

Things are going well here, plenty of sunshine, beach and good times. We have the Lone Star Rally each November which brings several hundred-thousand bikes to the Island for a week, and there's always a club event going on down here.

I've been showing the car this year, and so far taken a 1st and a 2nd place in class with more to come (I hope).

Just for Laughs

We've all seen this exchange posted in many places, but this was a real text message conversation I had with a female friend on Monday, March 11, 2013.

TL - 739pm...i did something earlier today i had planned for weeks, but was really tired and don't remember it well...
TL - 740pm...i don't have that tingly, excited feeling i was expecting...
GalPal-Sarah - 741pm...Planning what for weeks?
GalPal-Sarah - 741pm...Missing what feeling?
GalPal-Sarah - 741pm...Am I forgetting something you told me?
GalPal-Sarah - 742pm...I'd like to know what you're talking about?
GalPal-Sarah - 743pm...But now you refer to it?
GalPal-Sarah - 744pm...Did you have another bed partner?
GalPal-Sarah - 745pm...You have been so argumentative and grumpy lately, what's up?
TL - 746pm...remember that 12hrs of OT i worked a couple of weeks ago? I finally got paid for it friday...
TL - 746pm...but had to work over the weekend and waited until today to spend it on stuff for the bike...
TL - 747pm...i was so tired after working, that i barely remember making the purchases...
TL - 747pm...and i'm missing that excited feeling of new bike stuff coming...
GalPal-Sarah - 748pm...OIC

First 80 degree day of the year!!

I spent my first 80 degree day of 2012 riding near Jefferson City. This video is of a short road between a couple of the better highways in the area. Scrivner Road has some decent curves chained together, makes it worth the short detour off and on the highway.

I took a turn off the main road to find the Scrivner Conservation area, down Scott Road...

I am so glad I was able to take advantage of the warm weather and ride on a couple of cool roads.

I found this video online I hadn't posted here, another view from the footboard, as I run up through the gears....enjoy....(^8

I-435 Loop Around Kansas City

I-435 Loop around Kansas City - 86 Miles - 84 Exits - 66 Minutes
Video starts and ends at Exit #1a - Lackman Road. If you look at a map, this is clockwise rotation around the city, starting at the SW corner (7 o'clock).

I had an idea this would make a good video, documenting the highway or something. It took a few tries to get it to this point, where I have the entire ride, but I think I can do it better still. There is some bug splatter on the lens part way through the ride, and a bit of traffic. I could mitigate the bugs by riding when it's cool (winter), but the traffic is something I'm unsure I can remedy.
Maybe I'll try again during a holiday....


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