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Long time , no posts.

I took vacation in late July to ride home to Indiana and loved every minute of it! The first day was almost 9 hours in the saddle and an 11.5 hour day to Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky. The weather was perfect. A little fog in the AM, but sunny the rest of the day. I spent two nights at Mammoth Cave (in the hotel, and very glad I made that decision). Monday morning I rode to Indianapolis in a driving rain, but because it was a warm rain I enjoyed it. In the two weeks I was away, that was the only rain I really rode it. I think I got pretty lucky. I did end up getting my oil done at a dealership near Crown Point, IN, but I made it all the way back to Mobile, AL, before needing to replace the rear tire. It's only been in the last six weeks that I haven't ridden the bike to work and only because I've had to work in places I don't normally go and the weather has been questionable (although it's gorgeous outside now, and I'm at work until Friday morning). Anyhoo, I'm still around and still alive and riding! Anybody know of a good mod for 'parade' lights? I've been riding with the Patriot Guard all Summer and would like to have some flashing lights.

Finally! A Vacation!

I haven't been on the website lately, but I have been riding. Mostly to and from work (Mobile, AL, to Houma, LA, and back every other week). I wanted to go to the Blue Ridge Parkway back in June, but higher taxes this year have meant less take home pay, and I'm already living paycheck to paycheck, so I wasn't able to go. But now I finally said, "Enough is enough! I need a break!" I've taken vacation and tomorrow morning I'm leaving for northern Indiana to visit my family. I'm gonna ride from Mobile to Mammoth Cave National Park and spend two nights there, then continue to Fishers, IN, north of Indianapolis to stay an evening with my Aunt and Uncle, then on to New Haven, IN, where I grew up and spend a night there, then on to Syracuse, IN, where Mom and Dad now live. I'll spend 4-5 days with them and then go over to Crown Point, IN, to spend 4-5 days with my baby sister and her family before finally returning home to Mobile. The bike will be due an oil change while I'm in Indiana and I may have to break down and take it to a shop instead of doing it myself unless my brother-in-law has a jack to get under the bike better. Heck I might even need a new rear tire before coming back to Mobile. I picked up the bike on 1/21/2103 with 9 miles on it, now it has 6389 miles on it! I love riding it!

Memorial Day Weekend

A couple months ago I joined the Patriot Guard Riders as a way to be involved as an American Citizen and a Veteran. I was medically discharged from the U.S. Air Force in 1998 after 9 years on Active Duty, and would have retired almost four years ago. It's always bothered me that my service was cut short. Riding with the Patriot Guard gives me an opportunity to give back in some way. It allows me to say thank you to all of my brothers and sisters in arms who answered the call to serve. I've been on five missions so far, three of them this weekend alone. One died in Afghanistan, another was a 109 year old 'Buffalo Soldier', and another served as a mechanic on 'Air Force One' in the 70's. Some are young, some are old. Some gave their lives during battle, some lived long lives after their service. All of them are American Heroes and deserve honor and respect.

Dang! Nail In The Rear!

The last few days to and from the office (not far) the rear tire has felt a little mushy to me when cornering. Today I put a guage on it, and nothin'! Not even enough pressure to make the stick move. I rolled it to the aircraft hangar to get some air in it and noticed a nail or something simliar dead center in the tread near where the schrader valve is located. I won't have any time to tend to it while I'm at work the next two days. The best I can hope for is that it holds pressure until Friday. I may have to hang around Houma on Friday until I can plug it before setting off 200 miles for home. Dang it! (And that is NOT a sarcastic Dang it!)

Riding the Bike to work for the week.

I work a week on, week off schedule in Houma, LA, while living in Mobile, AL. A 200 mile commute, though I stay in Houma for the week in Company apartments, so my daily trek is less than 8 miles. Last month after returning from Birmingham to Mobile, I was headed to work a day early on a Wednesday in my GMC 1500 Pickup Truck. I got about 5 miles down the road and the truck broke down. Thankfully I have my bike now. Only I hadn't planned to ride it to work until I knew I would have a weeks worth of good weather, as I had never ridden in the rain before. Well, I didn't have much choice. I had to get to work, and now I couldn't give up a day of over time. I got lucky. Though it rained pretty hard that Friday morning, it stopped before I hit the road for work, and later in the week it poured down hard while I was already at work. By the time I was heading home again the following Friday, it was a beautiful sunny day! The truck was fixed when I got home and I had a few rainy days off, but I spent most days on the bike. The next work week I decided to take the truck back to work, still not certain of the weather. I could've ridden that week too as it turned out. And the whole time I wished I had. Then came another week off and a rainy day or two. But finally, the extended weather forcast was showing two straight weeks of rideable weather. So I strapped on my luggage and loaded up for work on the bike. Now I'm sitting here behind my desk at work looking out the front door of the lobby to my 'Grey Ghost' patiently waiting for me to grab the reigns and dig in my spurs at the end of my shift. Gawd! I can't believe I waited so long to live like this! I'm a modern day Cowboy!

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