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1300tourer.com Newsletter #8

Hi Everyone!

This will be the final newsletter before we mount up and head to Tennessee for our 2nd Annual Meet & Greet! I hope all of you that are attending have a safe and enjoyable trip.

Two things before I wrap up and start packing:

1. If you are attending our picnic on June 9th and have not signed up for a potluck item to bring with you, please visit this link: http://1300tourer.com/node/3511 If you have problems signing up for something, there is a list of items that you are more than welcome to bring.

2. Here is a list of folks signed up to attend the BBQ dinner. If you and/or guests are planning on attending and your name is not listed below, let me know immediately so I can get your name on the list.

1. Will Reece (wjreece)
2. Chrissy Peek (cmpeek22)
3. Steve Raleigh (boomersooner)
4. Carl Jacobus
5. Stephanie Jacobus
6. Paul Neel (paulinokc)
7. Donna Neel
8. Conrad Hof (Tourvet-27)
9. Graham West (Nishisan)
10. Daniel O'Meara (SeeSee Ryder)
11. TL Williams (TL)
12. Jon Lawrence (Nitro)
13. Cliff Couture (Geaux Tiger)
14. Jackie Couture (Lady Tiger)
15. Tony Orsini (Bearman)
16. Pat Orsini (Ladybear)
17. Mike Burge (Phaethon)
18. Mark Flitcraft (hdglide)
19. Tim Carlisle (ControlGuy)
20. Anje Carlisle
21. David Moffett (moffett1154)
22. Greg "Dutchie" Fehr
23. Tony Cobb (tcobb)
24. Les Ashcraft
25. Mike Gutman
26. Brian Brown (bdazzbncr)
27. Lisa Barnett (Leese)
28. Joe Barnett (TennesseeSilver)
29. Dick Sicard (zekesic)
30. James Conaway (Silverstar1300)
31. Rick Conaway
32. Mark Jenks (jenksm)
33. Clayton Gates (ClaytonG)
34. Holly Gates
35. Keith Page (Ciffus)
36. Brendan Lenzmeier
37. John Zelenak
38. Jeff Matson
39. Dean Burgess (daburgess)
40. Sherry Murrell
41. Carmel Zarisky
42. Mr. Zarisky
43. Todd Rose
44. Tyler Williams
45. Brian Murphy (Smilingcouple)
46. John Struve
47. Michelle Struve and baby Bianca

1300tourer.com Newsletter #7

Hi Everyone!

Time is winding down to our 2009 Meet & Greet and I think everything is in place for a great time!

I am keeping all of the details on 1300tourer.com under the 2009 Meet & Greet link located in the left column. Of course, if you have any questions regarding our activities, please let me know.

I've been asked if I will have a supply of Gatlinburg patches with me at the Meet & Greet. I will bring a few with me, but not a large supply. I will however have order forms available for those of you who are not interested in ordering online.

We've gotten quite a few promises for silent auction items and I wanted to thank those of you who are putting an item up for bid! I haven't decided what I should put on the iPod ... it would be like giving an empty wallet if I didn't put any music on it! I'll have a set of external speakers that will entertain us at our picnic on the 9th in Gatlinburg. Speaking of the potluck picnic on the 9th, if you have the ability to bring an item with you, you may sign up to bring something here: http://1300tourer.com/node/3511 (we are still looking for a few things)

If you haven't signed up for the charity dinner BBQ and you are interested in joining us, please email me. Your friends and family are also welcome. Meal tickets will be $5 (all you can eat) and 100% of money raised will be donated to the children's home. Please check www.1300tourer.com/bbq to make sure your name is on the list. Once we stop taking reservations (June 4th is the cutoff), I won't be able to add anyone else to the list for dinner.

For those of you who can't make it... we'll do our best to recreate the event for you online when we return. We'll all come back with photos, videos, and lots of stories. You'll all be in our thoughts as we celebrate our online family!

Ride safe everyone!

Will Reece

Charity Dinner Reminder

Hi Everyone!

This is a little aside from my normal newsletter. I wanted to get this out immediately so I'll make it short and sweet!

Coming up is our 2nd Annual Meet & Greet in Gatlinburg Tennessee. Many of you have signed up, and I am looking forward to meeting you all!

During our Meet & Greet we will be hosting an all-you-can-eat BBQ dinner to help raise money for the Smoky Mountain Children's Home. If you are interested in attending this event, please let me know immediately.

This dinner is a separate registration from the Meet & Greet sign up. You must email me the names of those in your group attending so I can get you on the guest list.

For more details visit: http://www.1300tourer.com/bbq

Within the next day or two, the event flyer will be made public to Star Customers in eastern Tennessee to ensure we fill all available slots. If you plan on joining us for this dinner, please let me know as soon as possible.

Thanks again for being part of our group!

Will Reece

1300tourer.com Newsletter #6

Hello Members!

Wow... time is flying by and our Meet & Greet is coming up quickly! If you plan on joining us, but haven't yet signed up on our website, please do so when you have an opportunity.

I am in the process of restructuring the 2009 Meet & Greet page to make it a little easier to follow.

I have some exciting news! Yamaha has taken notice of our group and wants to participate in our Meet & Greet! Join us June 10th at 5pm at Mountain Motorsports located at 3422 Adventure Lane, Kodak, TN. Yamaha will be footing the bill for a BBQ dinner (still pending approval). The dinner will be catered by Buddy's BBQ (once approved). The buffet will include BBQ Pork with sauce on the side, baked beans, coleslaw, potato chips, and buns. Iced tea and lemonade will be the beverages available.

We will charge $5 minimum (donate more if you like) per person for dinner, and 100% of these contributions will be donated to the Smoky Mountain Children's Home! Also be prepared to be entertained by one of the leading bluegrass bands in the GA/TN area! A couple of their members are in the Atlanta Country Music Hall of Fame! The Blue Grass Sound Band will begin playing at 6pm and will wrap things up at 8pm. During their break (around 7pm), I'll make a couple of announcements and invite the representative from the Smoky Mountain Children's Home to say a few words as well.

Before and during dinner, you may bid on silent auction items. Winners will be announced toward the end of the evening. 100% of the proceeds from the silent auction will also be donated to the Children's Home. At the end of the evening, the representative from the Children's home will accept our donation. We will then announce the grand total that was raised from our efforts.

1300tourer.com Newsletter #5

Hello Members!

I finally got a room reserved at Smoky Shadows for our 2009 Meet & Greet. You'd think after lots of time finding a good hotel and good rates, I'd be the first to reserve! At the time of writing this we have 12 reservations at the hotel! Also... there might have been some confusion on the room rates. The contracted rates are $69.77 for the tower suite and $45.77 for the standard room (not in the tower). If you plan on joining us in Gatlinburg this year and need a hotel room, please take advantage of these discounted rates. If you were quoted a rate other than what I have listed, please let me know.

For more information on the host hotel, check our previous newsletter here: http://1300tourer.com/node/3643

The chat program is coming along nicely, and I haven't heard any issues since the reworking of the software. I am still looking for "experts" willing to offer up some of their time to answer questions in their field of expertise. The idea is to make the chat room another way for members to share information and learn from each other.

The t-shirt sale has ended, and I want to thank Paul and all of those that have purchased shirts for your support. The shirts will be ready next Wednesday or Thursday (26th or 27th) and they will begin shipping after that.

I have mentioned to a few people that I am working on a new project. This project was inspired by our group and all of the great members we have here that gives 1300tourer.com a family feel. Obviously 1300tourer.com is a passion of mine, and that will never change. I look forward to revealing this new project once all of the paperwork is complete and it's official.

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