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1300tourer.com Newletter - Issue #4

Hi Members!

As I see more and more 1300s on the street, it makes me wonder if the rider is part of our little spot on the internet. I write this as I stare out the window of my office and notice a 1300 ride by with studded saddles. A goal of mine is to somehow reach those 1300 riders out there that don't know about us.

We've had several visitors decide to purchase the 1300 after reading information on our website, and it proves to be a valuable resource for many of us, as well as a social spot to meet and ride with other folks. I'm excited about what 1300tourer.com has become and I want to share it with more V-Star 1300 owners. Looking back at the growth of the past year, I am optimistically looking forward to what the next 12 months will bring.

From our Meet & Greet last year, I made a set of goals I wanted to reach before the next Meet & Greet. Honestly, most of those goals have been met with the exception being a member base of 1500, and we aren't that far off from that number.

I hope the excitement I experience by running this website is shared with all of you. If I had it my way, doing this full time would be my choice! With that... I'll quit rambling and get to the news!

I have cut a bunch of "fat" our of our chat program. It is now much more stable and usable.

I've gotten a request for a how-to on changing the oil in the 1300. I have quite a few more miles to go before I am ready for one... so if any of you home mechanics wouldn't mind snapping a few photos next time you change your oil, I'd be happy to put together a document.

1300tourer.com Newsletter - Issue #3

1300tourer.com Newsletter #3

Greetings fellow members!

One of my favorite holidays is quickly approaching (St. Patrick's Day). Although I am not Irish, I enjoy everything Irish including the music, the dancing, and of course the brew. For me, it is a celebration of spring and the arrival of warmer temperatures! Please be safe in your travels!

A hotel for the 2009 Meet & Greet has been chosen! Smoky Shadows Conference Center has been chosen as the host hotel. This hotel has received great reviews on several websites. The hotel is family run and they look forward to working with our group! Two rooms rates have been made available to us. The first is a Tower Suite which has 2 King Beds, microwave, fridge, built in jacuzzi, private balcony, and satellite TV for $69.77 per night. The second rate is a standard room with 2 double beds, fridge, microwave, satellite tv for $45.77 per night.

Reservations must be made through Reservations USA at 1-800-251-4444. You must identify yourself as a 1300Tourer Group attendee to receive the discount. If you have questions or any issues with the reservation, please let me know.

Time is running out on ordering your 1300tourer.com t-shirt! As we compile the orders, now is the time to get in on this one-time deal before it's too late. Visit our online stores to reserve yours today.

A set of Buck's Lowers for the VStar 1300 has been graciously donated. I am going to plan for a silent auction to be held during our Meet & Greet in Gatlinburg. 100% of these proceeds will go to the Children's home. To view what's available to bid on, visit: http://1300tourer.com/node/3639

The 2009 Meet & Greet patch has been designed and is now available in our online store.

That's it from me... below is a How-To on creating a map in your post!

****** HOW TO *******

Let's have a look at creating a map on http://maps.google.com and putting that map on one of your posts!

1300tourer.com Newsletter - Issue #2

1300tourer.com Newsletter #2

Greetings fellow members!

I know this newsletter is coming on the heels of the last one. The intention is to get this thing out on a regular basis and keep everyone up-to-date.

I have chosen to sponsor a local charity this year at our Meet & Greet! This will give us an opportunity to make a difference and affect some young lives that could use a little support. To find out more about the Smoky Mountain Children's Home, please visit http://www.smch.cc/ for more information. I wanted to find a charity that I could trust,... and know that each dollar was being well spent - and I found just that place.

After our picnic we will ride to the childrens home were we will hand deliver the pledges that are raised on 1300tourer.com. We will be given a tour of the facilities, and some of the kids will come have a look at our superior motorcycles. Obviously it is important for us to explain why these motorcycles are much better than the competitors. ;) As well, these future Vstar Owners will probably have some questions for us.

If you are interested in making a donation - please visit the online store at 1300tourer.com and have a look at our Caring Heart patches. These patches are sold for $2 and a pledge. The $2 covers the cost for me to make the patch and mail it to you. The pledge, a check made out to Smoky Mountain Childrens Home, should be mailed to 1300tourer.com. Once I receive the pledge, you patch will be mailed out and the pledge amount will be added to the running total now found on the home page. Different levels are available... please choose the one that best fits your budget. If you can't make the Meet & Greet, but would like to help, please do! Feel free to include a note to the kids as well... these will also be hand delivered to the home.

1st Official 1300tourer.com Newsletter!

Hi 1300tourer.com Member!

This can be considered our first Newsletter. If you do not want to receive future mailings, feel free to opt out or reply to this email and I'll manually take you off the list.

I wanted to update everyone on what has been going on with 1300tourer.com. First of all I'd like to thank everyone for being a part of 1300tourer.com. It is an honor and a joy to be a part of such a great group of people!

What's new with the website?

1. We have installed a live chat module! It is currently in the testing phase, but so far it is looking good. I look forward to hosting some online meetings and some expert discussions with folks in the industry. Once we get the minor bugs worked out, I'll set up an online chat event in the calendar for a group test.

2. The 2nd Annual Meet & Greet is in the advanced planning phase. This event will span 3 days in Gatlinburg Tennessee. (http://1300tourer.com/node/3228) On day 1, June 9th, we will have a potluck picnic, a swag exchange, and give awards. I have a something special planned after lunch, but I need to work out the details before I make that news public. Day 2 and 3 will find us on the Cherohala Skyway and the Tail of the Dragon. Those of you who are still members who might have a new motorcycle, you too are invited to join us on your new ride!

3. Our friend and member Paul in Oklahoma City has designed some t-shirts for 1300tourer.com. Currently we are doing a pre-sale of the shirts until we have enough orders to make it cost effective. Details on the shirts can be found online. I've added USPS as a shipping option in the online store for international customers and US customers!

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