1300tourer.com Newsletter #11

Hello fellow members!

With the end of the riding season drawing to a close (for most of us anyway) I figured it was time to get a newsletter out... something I haven't done for a couple months and it is long overdue!

Over the past few months we have seen some server issues which I think are now under control. The long term plan is to get 1300tourer.com migrated to my data center at home. This will give us LOTS of room to grow.

The planning is underway for our 3rd Annual Meet & Greet. Next year we will be meeting in Salida, Colorado. Earlier this year I took a scouting trip to Salida. Everyone who joins us this year is in for spectacular rides, awesome views, and a quiet town that will be welcoming us with open arms. I have a host hotel picked out... a few more items to finalize there and we can start booking rooms (at a greatly discounted rate).

For M&G 2010, I'll be providing lots of recreational options for our members. The riding choices will be plenty - horse, ATV, kayak, raft, and of course your 1300! Downtown Salida is the perfect spot for those wanting to do some shopping. If you enjoy fishing, there are lots of spots. After hours activities will also be available for those that wish to take advantage of them. Like last year, I'll be keeping updated information under the 2010 M&G link on 1300tourer.com.

As many of you know, Riders United is now live. What many of you do not know is that membership is free. Riders United consists of motorcycle riders who are willing to volunteer some of their time to a good cause, and the website will act as a central coordination point for volunteer opportunities and efforts on a global level.

Feel free to create your account at www.ridersunited.org and tell your friends about us. I anticipate by next spring that our growth will be substantial, and I'd love to see our 1300tourer.com family being the foundation of Riders United. Good begets good and with 1300tourer.com members leading the way on Riders United, I see a lot of good ahead.

Thanks everyone... and please be safe!

Will Reece


Valve adjustment

Has anyone performed a valve adjustment yet? Is the procedure anywhere online?