1300tourer.com Newsletter #12 ... or is it #13?

I know... it's been a while, and I am long overdue for a newsletter!

A lot of folks have been asking for patches, and we have a fresh supply of 100 in stock. Get a couple before they are gone!

Plans continue for our 3rd Annual Meet & Greet and I am getting pretty excited. For those of you who haven't signed up to join us, you may do so at the 2010 Meet & Greet page located here: http://1300tourer.com/content/3nd-annual-1300tourercom-meet-greet

The 2nd Annual Toad Choker will be held in Wichita KS on April 17th. If you would like to join us, please have a look at the events calendar (http://1300tourer.com/event/) and sign up. Hopefully we'll be celebrating 2500 members!

Thanks to each one of you... you have made 1300tourer.com a success and a great resource to more than just 1300 owners.

Some stats for the past 30 days:

4,290 unique visitors
196,000 page views
14,299 visits from 59 different countries!

With spring around the corner, I am going to do my best to be more diligent on getting a newsletter out on a regular schedule. If you would like to write an article, joke, and/or a story for the newsletter, please email it to me.

Thanks everyone,... and ride safe!

Will R.


better man than me

Hi Will,
With spring, and therefore riding season, just around the corner, the last thing on my mind would be a newsletter. I can see getting one out now and one after Salida, but other than that. . .
I do appreciate your efforts in building and maintaining this site and I look forward to meeting you in Salida.

Same here Tony! See you in

Same here Tony! See you in Colorado!

Ride safe,

Will R.