A 1300tourer.com Rally?

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As our community continues to grow, I thought it would be cool if we could all get together for a small rally and do some riding together.

I have never planned an event like this, so I may ask a couple of those who are interested in attending to help me with the planning.

In thinking about location, I'd like to keep it somewhat central to the US which should make it within reach for most of us. Right now, I am considering the following destinations:

Colorado Springs, CO : Exploring the Front Range
Estes Park : Rocky Mountain National Park
Rogers, AR : Exploring the Ozarks
Deadwood, SD : Black Hills, Custer State Park, Devils Tower

I'd like to get some feedback on location,... and would love additional suggestions. Once I get a few more suggestions on location from folks that would definitely attend, I'll put up a poll and we can be democratic about it. :)

As for a date, I'd like to shoot for the end of next summer (2008). I have a feeling that our user base will continue to grow, plus that will give us time to organize, find hotels willing to offer discounts, and plan things to do while we are at our location.

I have really enjoyed being a part of this site and being able to share the V Star 1300 experience with everyone here. I consider ourselves to be a close knit community,... and I would love the opportunity for us to meet each other, and of course ooogle over each others bikes. :)

Take care everyone, and I look forward to some feedback!

Will R.


Rally 2010

We'll be in Salida Colorado in 2010 (latter half of June). Updated information will be posted under the "2010 Meet & Greet" link at the top left of the pages.

Hope ya'll can make it!

Will R.

BTW: If anyone is selling any land out that way, please let me know. :)


My vote is for the Ozarks, never been there. The other places are great too. You never get tired of seeing that type of country.


Hey there FelixD

Ozarks it was and what a good time was had by all. That was 15 months ago.

Nil Sine Labore

Nothing like...

...resurrecting a long-dead thread...


Arkansas.............Please. Beautiful riding the Ozarks


Awesome idea! Of the 4 you've listed, my vote is for Arkansas but I also like the Tail of the Dragon suggestion. I will comment that the bugs in Arkansas in late summer will coat your windshield, but it still has my vote. What ever is decided, I will try my best to make it. Actually already excited and looking forward to the trip and the meet! My wife is looking at a Harley 883 Low and says she will have "Stan" painted on her tank if we let her go too. ~ backinthesaddle

What about NC, SC and or VA

What about NC, SC and or VA ??


South Dakota!

Sounds like a good idea. Closer is better for us since we have small kids, can't be away too long.
~ Kevin

I'm in...

...how about "Tail of the Dragon"...?

Wouldn't it be cool to see a whole string of 1300's scraping around corners?

1300tourer.com rally

What a great idea. How fantastic it would be to meet some of the people that have contributed to this site. The "Tail of the Dragon" would be good for me. I live about 3 1/2 hours from there. It's pretty country as well ( S.E. Tennessee). Any of the four place's that were mentioned sound good too. Keep us posted on the possible reality of this. I would have to save up vaction time,get a baby sitter for the baby, etc. Love this site and my 1300T!

1300 Rally

I've been to the above places except Rogers, AR. Black Hills have some nice caves and Custer Nat'l Mon is ho-hum unless you like military history (like me) and the prairie dogs at Devil's Tower. People actually climb it! I was amazed.
Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park was pretty, but can get cool at that elevation. Last time there at the summit I had to wade thru a foot of snow.
Colorado Springs and Pike's Peak are neat. Lots of places to see. I was stationed at Ft Carson. Too bad Gold Camp Road is gravelly.
The Grand Canyon is extra spectacular, but, like Yellowstone, hard to get to.
The best scenic drive I ever saw was in southern Utah, near Zion, Bryce, Canyonlands, the Grand Escalante, Arches, etc. High desert, and limited motels except for Moab. That would be my recommendation, but, from here, it would take me three days just to get there. Hmm, is that bad? Heh. I'd go for it in a hearbeat.

Capt J


I’ve been waiting anxiously for more on this and here you are. A man of your word. As I stated earlier, God willing I WILL be there. When you say the end of next summer, would you be looking at August…September?

I’d suggest that you might consider sticking with the 4 excellent choices you’ve listed and ask for a vote on one of them. I’m all for democracy but experience has shown me that your life will be a whole lot easier if you set some limits. My vote goes to Colorado Springs. I’ve ridden to or through all of these areas and I would probably plan a route from where I live [south eastern Ontario, Canada] to get there and home via the others. I suspect that other members, based on the input I’ve seen on this site, are similarly inclined, although I have the advantage of being retired : ).

I will volunteer to assist and welcome direct correspondence between us in this regard.

Nil Sine Labore

I think a rally would be

I think a rally would be excellent.....can we pick a location up a little closer to Ontario Canada?