2008 1300 Tourer

The bike has been kept in top shape and has only 4771 original miles. I have replaced the handle bars with the longer version. I also put kuryakyn rider pegs and a windshield pouch. The bike has been a great bike, we're just not getting the riding time on it like my wife and I
All the fluids and a new battery was installed this season. I will sell for $5200.

Contact Tom. thelangfamily@me.com

Tom Lang
614 530-3809


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hello, my name is Steve, I am from Michigan City Indiana
I am riding a 07' 1300 and purchased it used last Oct. 2012
had 5,600ish miles on her, now a year later it has 16,000 and still counting.
just rode to post office and back on messy wet un-friendly leaves, dodging those little Gobblins which are out begging.
been in and out of this site so much in last 11-12 months, couldn't get accepted in til now.
as Morg says perseverance pays off. did a lot of the mods with the guidance of this site and others.
by the way I am not worth a f#$^&*! at working with computers, so hope this post is ok?
and NEVER NEVER ask me to post a picture! wow what problems seasoned? pc users have doing so.
heck took a yr. to get this far! pictures may take me 10 to 15 yrs. to figure out how to post? lol
glad I have a voice in here now finally.

^ Hi Steve ...

Based on your post I'm thinking you wish to be a contributing member. Good folks here always looking to help others.

Don't mean to pee on your parade, but this great intro is going to be lost. I appreciate that computers ain't your thing so let me make you an offer.

Notice that under each entry there is [in blue letters-meaning it is a link (all blue letters, if you click on them are links to somewhere else either on this Website or in some cases another Website)], you have a "Contact Author". By clicking on that it will open your email client and have the email address of the Author already populated. You just have to write and send that email. So if you do that under my sign-off I'd be happy to get an email back to you with some navigation tips including simple steps to post Comments, pic's or whatever.

Hope to hear from you.

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