2008 1300 tourer for sale

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2008 1300 tourer for sale 27000 miles, drilled exhaust, RSTD handle bars, lowers, Kuryakyn grips, rear turn signals converted to brake, running, and signals, new brakes all around, darkside sport 5000 rear tire, michelin commander in front, lindbar, one owner $6000 contact mikeragland@hotmail.com phone 502-633-2500 cell 502-220-2234. Here is a link to my ad in cycle trader http://www.cycletrader.com/listing/2008-Yamaha-Xv1300-111137814


Brake Fluid Flush

Barry Ross West Greetings, Yesterday I decided to flush out my brake system. Front wheel went calipers went fast, no issues. Then I found that access to the rear reservoir was almost impossible to get to. I start by sucking out any fluid in the reservoir, refilling with fresh, then bleeding out at the calipers. To me, it looks as if the battery and case must be lifted out just to be able to get at the lid of the rear reservoir. The frame is also in the way.
Has anyone done this maintainance and how did you do it?
Also, I tried to remove the lube oil filter by several methods, all failed. Every other motocycle I've owned I was able to use my Super Graphite # 5 oil filter wrench. The lip on this tool seems to big to allow the wrench to slip down the very narrow area between the filter and the outside of the sump.
Anyone else find this to be a problem? Or do you just give up and go to the dealer and pay $ 70.00 to have them do an oil and filter change? Thanks, BRW.

Strap Wrench

Works perfect

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I use a strap filter wrench, works fine on the oil filter.

Confusing message starts here.

I have no idea what I'm talking about, most people think I'm crazy.


Yes, Banshee15

you are correct--this should be a separate thread. But many people are stupid--or lazy--or both. They'd rather prattle about their own nonsense than anything related to the original post. Such is the internet.


I'd rather be wise than smart.

^ As usual m'man, well put Bryan ...

This guy joined 32 weeks ago and this is his first post since. Well meaning, I'm sure. It would be helpful though if new members would dig in a little but maybe that's asking too much.

I'm just grateful for the real friends I've found here, so I deal with this stuff.

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Ya can't roller skate in a Buffalo heard; cause ya might trip and fall in a Buffalo terd. Thanks Roger Miller-RIP


Unfortunately we are not all "seasoned veterans" like you......lighten up....(please)

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More to do with taking a little time to learn to navigate the pages before posting. When I started here, I spent a few days learning before posting. I don't think it's too much to ask that members look before they leap.

Nil Sine Labore

Ya can't roller skate in a Buffalo heard; cause ya might trip and fall in a Buffalo terd. Thanks Roger Miller-RIP

+1 well said

+1 well said

Nicely put

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