Aftermarket Seats for the V-Star 1300 Tourer

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I have done some searching for some after market seating for the 1300 tourer, here is the information I have gathered so far.

Mustang Seats: According to their customer service: "We hope to start making seats for the 1300 by the summer of 2007."

Corbin Seats: According to their sales department "We are currently working on a full lineup for the V-star 1300 that will include the dual tour and classic solo saddles along with a couple of others and our fleetliner fairing/hard bags. These parts are still in development and should be ready within 4-6 weeks"

If you have information regarding after market seats for the V Star 1300 & 1300 Tourer, please email it to me at so I can update this article.

Thanks everyone!

Will R.