Are M&G's an Annual Event, or more often?

I've got my vacation planned for later this summer to Indiana from Mobile, AL, and as a single working man just keeping my head above water I can't also do the M&G in June. Are the M&G's held more often or are they only annual events?

We'll probably have

Another Mid-West Meet-Up in late September this year--but no plans yet. We've had a bigger turn-out each of the 3 years we've done a late-summer/fall event. It will be just a weekend--like the Toad Choaker--for those who want to meet once more before the riding season ends.

Last year's event at Lake of The Ozarks was great I thought--a good spot to meet/ride and the hotel treated us pretty well. After Prairie Do Chien we'll start tossing around some ideas on here and people can weigh in. It will probably be somewhere in Missouri or Illinois and hopefully we'll get a local member familiar with the area to lead a ride.


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The M&G started in 2008 ...

With the intent to have members from all over get together every year and put faces together with names. It was a success and continues every year in June. Some members decided that a spring get-together would be a nice early break from winter. Thus the Toad Choker [April] started in 2009. After our M&G in 2011, in Lake George, NY, some members decided that a Mid-West M&G [August/September time frame] might be fun. So there have been three M&G's for the past couple of years. So far this year we have the Toad Choker and the 1300 Tourer M&G.

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Annual, as far as I know

But you are free to post your travel plans and see who you can hook-up with.
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I haven't yet nailed down dates but...

I'm gonna ride the Natchez Trace from southwest to northeast sometime in April as a 'primer' to doing my vacation ride in late July, early August, and I'm also seriously considering a Blue Ridge Parway ride ending up in Maryland to visit a girlfriend in June. I just can't do the M&G weekend. I work a week on, week off, so I can do rides during my week off without taking vacation.
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^ Just a quick note ...

You mention you "just can't do the M&G weekend". The M&G is on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. So with a week off you could ride out Saturday, Sunday and Monday, then ride home Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Lottsa members do that.

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I used to be indecisive ... Now I'm not so sure!?

Blue ridge and Skyline are two of the best!!

Don't miss the opportunity to take either of these scenic routes!! Especially in the fall when the leaves are turning.

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