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Traded in my 1300 . . .

My New Cross Country Tour

Just wanted everyone to know how much I appreciated and learned from all of you at this site. It was a bit of a somber day when I traded in my Yamaha 1300 Touring. It had served me well & I had mixed feeling about trading it in, but they gave me Kelly's Blue book for it and I even bragged it up to a fellow who was looking for a used bike that he could not go wrong with it. I included my spread sheet of maintenance & knew even with almost 30,000 miles, it was ready to take off for Florida or California as it was . . .

I could tell you a lot already about my new Victory Cross Country Tour, but I have plenty to learn about this bike as well. It is my plan to take it to Alaska in 2015 shortly after I retire from the Park Service. My Wife was pretty steamed when I told her, but after I offered to fly her up to Anchorage for a week to meet me, she actually became quite happy about my five or six week trip on the Alcan Highway (beginning in Iowa) . . . And BTW, I call this bike Big Blue II, in honor of my faithful 1300. Can't wait to take off for Alaska with the Victory.

You all have great bikes and all of the work done on my bike was done by me (Except for tire mounts) using your experience. Thank you Conrad, Gary, Larry, Boomer Sooner, & a plethora of other folks who helped me with their in-dept knowledge of cycling & the 1300. I will forever be in your debt & will stop by once in a while to see what is happening at this site . . .

Hope to see you on the highways and by ways of life, and maybe even in Alaska summer after next . . .

progressive springs

i put progressive springs 1145 and a 1.5 spacer in and the ride is still very uncomfortable thought i go to 1 inches or just put the old springs back in

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Plate Lay Down

Hey all. Question for those that have layed the plate down. I have removed the 4 nuts from under the fender and unplugged the wires. Now, the part about cutting the bracket where the next set of wires I understand but....... Those wires that are through the holes in the bracket, do they unplug or do I have to cut the bracket to release them? I don't want to start pulling them apart if they aren't meant to!!

Thanks for your help.

Spring is here in Chicagoland 3-28-2013 finally

50 degrees+ Thursday & Fri.
I dragged the cover off, unplugged the battery tender and completed the spring detailed T-CLOCS inspection.
Had s short ride to confirm I still could keep the rubber side down.
My first project was to add spacers in the saddlebag frames for bungee hook-up.
I have been unhappy with the tilted windshield using the 3" & 4" straps. So I took them out and used a dremel tool to elongate the holes in the windshield hardware.
Then it was time to cut down the windshield. I had cut a windshield before and was not happy with the results. With that experience and the video posted here earlier I did a very good job this time. Acetone works just like MEK.
This is a much nicer setup.
Took a longer ride today. Tomorrow is gonna be nice too.
The next project is to replace the brake shoes. I should have all of the parts by next weekend. I've not done this before but the instructions seem clear and I have a friend with some experience to help. Do I really have to replace the springs & spacers???
This website has taken me to a new level of motorcycle maintenance.
Thanks to all.

oil chnage

hello there
i live in Canada nova scotia so i set my bike up back in Nov
getting close to bringing it back out for the riding season
ok here is my ?
i was told i should start it up and let it warm up befor i change the oil
but it has been sating 4 months i,m thinking that all the bad crap in the oil will drain out better
and theer be no dirt up around the motor
so whats the thoughts on this


Is there a way of contacting all members in a chapter, with out contacting each one individually? Thanks

Tc Bob

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Getting the bikes ready for the SuperBowl!

Will spend part of tomorrow getting the bikes cleaned up for a Saturday run to New Orleans and the Superbowl festivities. We'll have to come in the back way, so as not to get caught in all the traffic. Have a place to park the bikes in the garden district and then ride the street car to Canal Street and into the French Quarter with the other million people. Should be a blast, we'll take pictures to share with ya'll. Honestly don't give a rat's a$$ who wins but the experience should be fun.
Geaux Saints, Cliff

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Deer Crash Risks by State

I thought this was interesting. Scroll down to see the map:

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1300 Gone gone gone! Parts for sale:

Well friends, the V-Star found a new owner today. Even though I didn't quite get the price I was wanting, I know it went to someone that will enjoy it as much as I did. She rode off with a big smile.

So, I have a few stock things left over so if you need something PM me and make an reasonable offer refused! (plus shipping)

Stock driver seat
Stock air box
Stock mirrors
Stock engine covers
Cobra baffles short with smartpartz baffles to reduce decibels --SOLD!

Airlite Chaps for OEM big bars. Two pockets, no cut-outs (you can cut them out if you have highway pegs). $55 shipped--SOLD!
Airhawk med air cushion, a real butt saver... $55 shipped
Slime mini air compressor, never used $25 shipped--SOLD!

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Cannon Ball Run

Check out these guys running east coast to west coast on pre 1930 bikes. What a ride!!

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