Attention new members...

wjreece's picture well as those who have yet to attend one of our events.

I've heard a LOT of stories over the past 4 years at events and meet-ups. Many of these stories center around new and seasoned riders who are skeptical of joining or attending an event full of strangers. Generally by the end of said event, new faces suddenly become friends and become part of a unique family of riders like no other.

Unlike a large event where everyone is a stranger (except for the buddy you rode there with), our events are different. members are a caring and personable group of folks. We interact with each other, share stories, welcome newcomers (usually with open arms and a cold beer). Honestly guys, for me, it's like hanging out with best friends that I never had the privilege to know before starting We are the "Cheers" of motorcycle groups. (I'll spare you the theme song on YouTube)

I'd like to make sure all the new members (and ones that have been around for a while) know that you will have a great time at M&G V and/or the 4th Annual Toad Choker in Shreveport. If you are a loner or you don't consider yourself socially acceptable (me), you may think differently after meeting some of the other members here. Please give it a chance and see for yourself. You are bound to make some lifelong friends from all over the country.

To all of you who have attended one or several events,... please share your story. Let us know what your thoughts before riding to meet a bunch of strangers and how you felt afterwards. My hopes... some of your stories may encourage some of our new and seasoned members to join us in an amazing spot in Wyoming... especially those that are on the fence about meeting us.

motorcyle events and get togethers

As a new owner of a 2007 V-Star 1300 tourer I am glad that you are having get together. I have had (2) Ventures and loved both of them. I am hoping that the 1300tourer have a strong conmmitment to their brand as the Ventures do. I will keep check on the web-sitr for rides and Rallies . Living in North Carolina I have found that the only bike brand take has srong clubs is the HD group. I believe that the 1300 tourer is a great bike and I am looking forward to many miles on it and a stong group to work with.

Camping vs Hotel

I think I am about at a 75% chance of coming. My wife is warming up to me going solo.

I love to camp/hike and have a lot of nice gear...that and I love sleeping in my hammock.

Is anyone considering the campground? Or is everyone that is going staying at the hotel?

^ Just a guess Austin ...

From past experience, motel most likely. Good to see your chances of attending are increasing.

Nil Sine Labore

Signed up for M&G V yet. If not ... why not? Frolic and fun guaranteed.

I know the deadline is the 15th get a discounted room. Is there anyone else going solo that would like to share/split a room cost? My wife is putting me on a budget. I don't bite, don't smoke, I am 36 and normally keep to my self. Still teetering on the idea of roughing it to save some money for the trip if the hotel doesn't work out.


Contact olderokie. He will

Contact olderokie. He will be traveling with us, but solo. you should be able to send him a message - look at the M&G sign up list - find his name and click on it - bring up his bio page - should be able to send him an email from there........paul

update - I sent you an email with olderokie's contact info.

You can educate ignorance, medicate crazy, but you can't fix stupid!

sent him an email

I hope he can respond before Saturday.


KansasWizard gave a good description of the atmosphere of the Meet & Greets we've had in recent years. We usually ride in small groups during the day, depending on who happens to feel like doing what, and then socialize over cocktails in the evening and laugh a lot. I would agree that at times when we get going in the evening it probably isn't what small kids can understand or appreciate--or some parents with impressionable children. ;)

But--that doesn't mean a guy couldn't ride to Wyoming, meet his family w/car, and spend some of the days with them visiting Yellowstone and the Tetons. I don't know anything about your family dynamics but I can imagine some reasonable compromise between your riding and the family sightseeing by car could be reached. As far as evenings go I would imagine with 4 kids you and your wife are already well-versed at keeping kids entertained when away from home. :)


I'd rather be wise than smart.

That's good small groups...

We can cover more ground & make it look like more bikes to cause more havoc.
Good plan.
Raymond :-)


What are you talking bout. Paul said he ordered a padded wagon (ie for mental people) for you to ride in and Conrad said he was going to help put you in the straight jacket
Hey dumbass thats me with the blue lights on behind you. So get the hell out of the way before my donuts get cold

^ My recollection Jimmy ...

No, I didn't agree to help put Raymond in a straight jacket. I agreed to help you lock him into your fur-lined hand cuffs! You know, the ones you said you were bringing. LOL

Nil Sine Labore

Signed up for M&G V yet. If not ... why not? Frolic and fun guaranteed.


Conrad im sure i can find some fur lined ones for him.
Hey dumbass thats me with the blue lights on behind you. So get the hell out of the way before my donuts get cold

Great guy ...

You are !


Thats me

Iz takes care of my peeps
Hey dumbass thats me with the blue lights on behind you. So get the hell out of the way before my donuts get cold


It just keeps getting better.


Straight Jacket?

Are you referring to our "Tight" jackets?

If so I might be joining you.


If you do not know BYOBB
Bring your own Bail Bondsman !

It is going to get crazy , Raymond

^ Jeez Bryan ...

Been racking my brain trying to come up with a way to say what you have here. You've covered the bases that I was trying to, but much better than I could have. U DA MAN!

Nil Sine Labore

Signed up for M&G V yet. If not ... why not? Frolic and fun guaranteed.

All I have to say is

you will be joining a wonderful family of good people just by e-mail on the site.
Hay we are world wide .
Good people & good friends, Raymond

Considering attending M&G V

So I don't normally post much if at all (once). I do lurk often though and suck up all info I can as well as be entertained. I have been riding for years off and on. Last summer my Virago gave up the ghost. So August of last year I picked up a black '07. It was the non touring and had very little done to it. I fell in love with it instantly. I wanted a bike that would do well on the freeway. All of my previous bikes were much smaller (500-900 range). Because of this my rides were always limited to around town or not far from it.  My first real ride was the day I bought it. I drove 300 miles to pick it up and 300 miles back. Other than a sore rear end (stock seat), the ride was great. I have since done many mods/addons to my bike (see bio).

I've been trying to ride as much as possible as of late. And this up coming M&G looks like it could be fun. I started to talk to my wife about it and she got defensive about the idea (she doesn't like to ride on the bike). So to dig my self out of the hole I was creating, I told her we could make it a family event. I originally was thinking of going solo or with another rider from my area (UT).

So here is my question/concern. Would this event be family friendly at all, or should I try to find a way to convince her and the 4 kids (ages 10-2) to stay home. My oldest daughter is part of Star Kids (10) and loves to ride with me, even on the longer rides. "IF" they were to come along, they would be in the minivan and me/daughter on the bike. What is planned that they might enjoy?



Guess I'll respond to your question/concern about the M&G events. I've been to the one in Salida and the Lake George event and thoroughly enjoyed both. I've also been to a couple of the Toad Chokers and other more informal get-togethers with many of the people associated here. The founder, Will Reese, is a neighbor and very close friend of mine. This group has a fantastic time whenever we get together. These events are organized around riding and adult socializing in the evenings. There are a fair amount of adult beverages consumed while usually sitting around courtyards or gazebos and yakking about riding. Probably not fun for 2-10 year-olds. I've not seen anyone ever get "out of hand" during the socializing but probably not appropriate for younguns'. We usually do some sort of charity work while on location but, again, it usually includes riding to and from the charity (we did a food drive for a local pantry in Lake George). Don't want to discourage you from bringing your family but this is a riders event so I don't know that your wife (who isn't a rider by your own report) and small children would necessarily have a great time except for the sensational location and local tourist attractions we will be near. I can't recall seeing any children at either the M&G's or at any of the Toad Chokers, either. We would all, of course, welcome your family to the event and enjoy your kids but I'm not sure this is the kind of "family friendly" event they would enjoy. Hope this doesn't sour you on coming to this or future events but it is what it is. Any body else who has attended past events want to add anything or correct me in any way? Wrains, you can contact me via this site for more input if you like. I'd be glad to discuss this with you some more in case you are interested or have more questions.


"Heaven for climate. Hell for the company!" Mark Twain


Maybe I could talk my wife into letting my daughter and I go for some "bonding time". I know my oldest would get a kick out of it. Who knows, maybe my wife will bite.

So a bit off subject. I keep trying to get my wife to go riding with me. Her excuse is that she can't stand the wind and noise of being on the bike. To me, this is a lot of the draw. Is there any hope for her? Or will I always be riding solo or with my daughter.

Like I've seen quoted on here before:
"Bikers get why dogs always have their heads out the windows."


That sounds okay to me......

Don't know how much vacation time you have to use but the riding time with your oldest could be wonderful. That is, if you have enough time to spend with the rest of the family at another venue. Hard to balance the time out but you need to do what's best for you and yours. The compromise that Kidagain proposed could work as well. Here's hoping you reach a consensus with your family that works well for all of you.

Wind and noise can be dealt with via full face helmets and ear plugs (musician's plugs work great I've been told). Setting up your ride with the right windshield/fairing and lowers will also help. All the above cost money, though, and with the large family you have there must be compromises made on how the bucks are spent unless your name is Romney! Just be prepared to deal with the fact that a lot of people just never "get it" about riding. That's okay but maybe your spouse will never be a rider. Be happy that she is okay with you and your children riding. Some of us are risk takers and some are not when it comes to riding. Try getting your spouse to go on short jaunts around town on nice days to start with. She may eventually become accustomed to the ride, feel, sights, and sounds associated with riding. Who knows, maybe she'll learn to love it. I've found that the old saying, "If I have to explain, you'll never understand" usually does ring true. Good luck. Hope to see you at group events one way or another.


"Heaven for climate. Hell for the company!" Mark Twain


First off, let me say thanks for all the great words of advice. This place really does have some nice folks. I really hope to be able to meet you guys in June.

The wind noise issue is a catch 22 me thinks. I think she like to complain about the noise and wind cause she thinks it isn't very relaxing and she can't "talk". I do have a 17" windshield and bucks lowers, but I think I would need a taller one for 2up. I think I might also need CB radio or bluetooth set up for us both as well. I think you are right about the short rides. Maybe the shorter rides and slower speed would help with the noise and comfort. I think I also need to get a better rear seat.

As far as vacation time...I am self employed. Which is a good and a bad thing. I can be very flexible, but I tend to stress when I am not around to keep clients happy. I do have 3 other employees working for me, so this helps also. I am the type that "needs" to stay connected or I stress out. The longer the trip the worse it can get. Anyone wanna buy my IT business from me so I can just ride all the time?


No problem, Austin.....

as you can see by the reponses, everyone here has advice to give. One thing about this group is that there are very few wallflower types. I would definitely go with a better passenger seat for your rider. Hard to have a great time when you don't feel comfortable or safe behind the driver. Just go slow with her, grasshopper, and she just may come around. Here's hoping you can make it in June. I'll warn you, though, once you get hooked into this group you'll never get away. I sure can't.


"Heaven for climate. Hell for the company!" Mark Twain


"I'll warn you, though, once you get hooked into this group you'll never get away. I sure can't."

Do I dare ask? Is there alteast instructions on the pinky swear thingy at these?

But ya, I can tell. Not many wallflowers. Well, alteast there are many folks willing to tell you how to tie your shoe!

Bring Them

I would say bring them. They will have fun.
Dirtball's wife does not ride either, so we will have a car there and she will be sightseeing from it.

Your daughter will remember this ride with her dad forever. That alone is worth it.

Work as though you would live forever and live as though you would die tomorrow.

I second that motion

Gary & Lori told me how friendly and open the group was for the Lake George M&G. I'm a pretty talkavive guy but i wasnt there 10 minutes and felt completely comfortable. There is no pressure, everybody is just good ol plain folk with fun stories to share from all parts of the country.... if you dont try, you'll never know!

^ "from all parts of the country" ? ...

Actually even from out of the country Mark! :-).

Nil Sine Labore

Signed up for M&G V yet. If not ... why not? Frolic and fun guaranteed.


Well between the two trips Me and Lori have taken, we have put on 16,300 miles on our bikes traveling to meet people from this group and I can honestly say, I have not one single regret. Everyone we have met has been super nice and friendly and willing to show us around. Sometimes it is just for a quick meal and a drink, sometimes for a day trip. I would not take back one minute of it.

I am not a social butterfly and take my time to get to know people, but the forums have made a lot of that not necessary and when you finally do meet, you are welcomed like an old friend.

If on the fence, just do it. You won't regret it.

Make a decision and don't look back. Go for it!

Well, what can I say.....

Well, what can I say. My wife thought I was crazy, when I told her I wanted to go to Colorado. To meet a bunch of strangers. But she said, "OK" lets go. So I started planning our route from Calif to Colorado and back. When we arrived in Salida on monday, we saw one 1300 in the parking. Wendy started to worry if this was a good idea. We checked-in, then took our stuff inside. When we came back out, there was another rider unloading his bike. This turned out to be Dave Moffett from New Mexico. We invited Dave for drinks at the bar next door. Wendy and I went to the front desk and asked the clerk to call the room of the other 1300 owner. This turned out to be Bryan and Linda from Iowa. We all ended at the Bar and made new friends. When went back to our room that night Wendy and I agreed this trip was a good idea. The next morning we all rode into town, walked around and ate lunch next to river. When we got back to the hotel, there were more bikes and more new friends to meet. Now when I said, "Lets go to Wyoming". She said, "Start planning the route".

Good times

Amen, Dan

Those were some good times indeed!
I too thought it kind of crazy to take a trip up to Salida to meet a bunch of strangers - I'm not one to seek out looking to make new friends, but I'm glad I made the trip.

Its really nice to fit faces with folks handles on this site. I too feel i've met some great folks and made some terrific friendships thanks to this site and our illustrious leader/founder Will.

I truly hope I can make M&G V this year. ANY REASON TO TAKE A MULTI-DAY RIDE ON MY 1300 IS ALWAYS WELCOMED!!

David Moffett

Ride safe and ALWAYS have a great time!

So I'm not sure I should be

So I'm not sure I should be replying, never being to one of the meet and greets. It saddened me to think the Lake George meet and greet was only a few hundered miles away and I could not make it. Work at that time was as busy as it gets for me. I've read I think all of the posts and looked at most of the pictures from the Lake George event and also the return home stories. It was obvious to me that there was a great bunch of people there. A lot of caring people making sure evryone made it home alright. There is no dought in my mind that a person could not help but have fun at the M & G events. Now the next M & G sounds like an awesome location. I know I will not be able to make that one. Many many miles away this time. I have told myself that one of these years I will make it. Another few years and both of my kids will be out of school so I'm sure that will make a big differance. Untill then I look forward to reading the great stories and looking at the great photos from those of you that can make it. My input would have to be those that can, should. It can not be anything but a great time.
Hope to meet you all some day

Well, Ray.....

There may be many reasons for not making it to Wyoming but distance shouldn't be the one that keeps you away. Look at the Lake George crowd again and you will see people from all over the country there. Washington state, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kansas, and many other locations. We all came to your neck of the woods and a couple of us even took a detour into Canada to get there. The 1300 will pull whatever distance with great aplomb. There are several in your area who are planning to attend the M&G V so maybe you could reconsider and make some plans. We'd love to have you attend. Don't regret passing up a chance because it is "many many miles away". It will be worth the trek. Believe me. I certainly understand if there are other reasons (job, family, etc.) just don't pass because it's too far.


"Heaven for climate. Hell for the company!" Mark Twain

Oh it's not the distance. It

Oh it's not the distance. It is the amount of time needed to go the distance, do to jobs and family. I purchased the 1300 with the idea of going some good distances. Vicki and I have always planed on getting a bike and hitting the highway once life allows. But the plan was always once both kids are out of the house, we still have one more to go. We both look forward to the day we can jump on the 1300 and head out for a few weeks at a time. That time will come, I'm sure. I have looked at the list of the folks that made it to the Lake George M&G and have said man i cant wait until i can head across county on my bike to hang out with some cool people like these folks. For now im gonna have to settle for reading all the post and looking at all the pics that the ones that can make it post.

If you are like Dixie & I...

If you are like us when the nest is empty, our kids have to make an appointment to see us during riding season. We look forward to meeting you when the time is right. Until then, enjoy the short rides. :)

ATGATT Because walking away in disgust is better than riding away in an ambulance!

Today is the oldest you've ever been, yet the youngest you will ever be, so enjoy this day while it lasts.


Fair enough.....

Wasn't trying to give you a hard time. Just wanted you to know how much the trip would be worth it, no matter how far. I certainly understand the constraints that job, family, money, time, and yes, distance can put on trip planning. Been there, done that myself. Hope to see you at future events. We'll tip a cold one and look at pictures. I promise to take lots of photos and video and to make them available as soon as I get my production center up and running. I now have the software so it is only a matter of sitting down to learn the stuff and put some things together. Be patient. It will all come soon enough.


"Heaven for climate. Hell for the company!" Mark Twain

I know you was not trying to

I know you was not trying to give me a hard time. It's all good. We have been rushing things along though i must say lol. We even baught the bike a couple years earlier then the master plan said. I talked the wife into it by saying "we should not buy a bike and head right out for week long trips". "We should get one now so we can get use to riding". She agreed and we went to pick out the bike. Having the bike now makes it hard not being able to take off for week long trips though. We have enjoyed evry moment on the 1300 so far and cant wait untill we can jump on and go when ever. Hard to say for sure what the future will bring but im sure you will see us at the M&G's when that time comes.
Have a great day

My story, and I'm sticking to it! ...

Although I’m loath to ever express an opinion [yeah right], being a member here has been a God-send. I’m not sure Will ever imagined, 4 years and 45 weeks ago [when he first published] that he’d see a membership of 3657, with more joining every day. Of course, the core, well the HARD core actually, is probably less than 100, but what a fine group. Welcoming, hospitable, knowledgeable, helpful, generous, respectful, protective … and, at times … downright wacky! [love this last one … Raymond ;-)]

I see long-time members every now and then, logged in and I recently tried a track on a User Name that was signed in. Member for more than three years and not one post or entry of any description. Go figure.

Now I have the good fortune to be retired and able to travel and I know that many members work for a living [Ugh] so getting to and from a M&G can be difficult, but as I live and breathe, I will not miss an opportunity to spend a few minutes, hours or days with these great people.

Nil Sine Labore

Signed up for M&G V yet. If not ... why not? Frolic and fun guaranteed.

Thank you Conrad

I am tearing up.

Glad to be apart of such a group. Even if I have some screws loose . I need more lock tight, Raymond

1300 Our Story

Jackie and I honestly had never thought about riding bikes till we started watching “American Chopper” on TV. I enjoyed that show and Bike Build Off because of the craftsmanship those guys had in building the bikes, there talent was extraordinary. Well one thing led to another and 3 bikes and 1 trike later I bought my 1300 along with Jackie’s 3rd bike the 1100. We wanted to travel a little and the new bikes were the ticket for us. Well one day I found this site on the web looking for information on my bike, read a few things on it and decided to join to learn more about my bike. I never dreamed that was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and how it would change our lives.
We decided to geaux cold turkey to Gatlinburg (M&G 2), just the 2 of us. Again, we knew no one just a few names on the site, that’s all. What a trip!!!! The turning point for us was the ride to “ The Tail of the Dragon, Deal’s Gap”. We were a little nervous to say the least, seeing I had fallen down a mountain side the day before, but Paul and Donna took us under their wing, got us through the Dragon, the Skyway and one of the worst turns I’ve been on since riding going home in the rain and we’ve been best of friends ever since. I hated to leave Gatlinburg.
The next year M&G 3, was the best ever, 10 of us riding across the country to Colorado over 4 days, was without question the best bike ride we’ve have ever had, the group became very close as friends and when we got to Salida, we made even more friends, Tony/Michaeleen, Bryan/Linda, Dan/Wendy, Larry/Dixie to name just a few. That trip in my mind will never be topped, it truly was a bucket list trip.
Last year’s M&G was beyond belief for me,, I have never even considered riding a bike to Canada and New York ever, those were places in my mind that were just to far to travel to, really. Even after I said yes to the trip, I had some reservations but over time they went away and the adventure of it all sunk in. What a trip, Roger and I had a blast, the sights, the people, the ride was fantastic, words don’t do the trip justice and again in New York, new friends, Doug/Jen , Dirtball (my Seahawk friend), Rodman, etc. The trip for me was over 5000 miles, who would have thought that for bayou boy from Louisiana.

I guess what I’m trying to say is “ You only have one life to live, so live it!!!” don’t be nervous about not knowing anyone, Will has created a very special site here with very special people, people like you and I, take that chance and come meet us, either in Wyoming or Shreveport, I promise you will enjoy yourself, if not drink another beer and you might feel different. Thanks, Will for changing our lives!!!

Cliff and Jackie
"Geaux Tiger"

To all new comers & old timers.Wow that opens a can of worms

No need to fear. I can only speak for myself . Having talked with some & being on line for 3 years the whole 1300 site is sane yes that's sane boat .Only with a few exceptions This year at the Toad Choker will be my first meeting. I have assured those who know be that they will be safe. The doctor has increased my medications 3 fold and they have assigned body guards if I get out of hand .My regular fans will still have to catch me if they can ,it is so hard to get a straight jacket on someone while moving.Fast As fast as I can be you can't catch me.Fun & responsibility . We only love fun, food & 2 wheels.
I never thought of it .Will R. has brought together a really good bunch of people. THANKS Will R.
Come & enjoy, Raymond

P.S. Those of you who know me should be on the floor by now. :-)

I could go on and on and on...

But I will just say that I concur with every word Will, Paul, Roger, and Larry have said. I was one of the newbies at M&G4 in Lake George. My wife and I were welcomed as one of the family right from the get-go. For being hundred of miles from one another, I don't know anyone who is closer than this group of people -- and we travel those hundreds of miles several times a year to hang out with one another. I have personally only made it to one organized event; however, Conrad Hof has come to Meadville to visit me not once but twice. My guess is that he will stop almost every time he is anywhere in the vicinity of Meadville, and I openly welcome him -- or any of our 1300tourer family -- to stop and see Jenn and me. That's what this group is all about. And now that I know this, after being a member for slightly less than a year, I plan to attend as many of our organized get-togethers as possible.

Thank you for your time.



I found the 1300 forum just about the time Star days was going to happen. I was a born again rider after a 25 year child raising stint and I had no idea just how much a motorcycle had changed in 25 years. Then I met these guys online and we all shared something in common and it was riding. I made it to Salida, CO in 2010 with Dixie in tow on her own bike. I knew 1 guy and his girlfriend from IA when I showed up. In an hour I knew 20 people with whom I had exchanged posts for over a year on the forum and they were all just plain awesome people. Last year we made the ride through uncharted territories to Lake George, NY. Kidagain and I rode out and I had the pleasure of meeting his 90 year old cousin in Rome, NY. We had tea and some really good carrot cookies before heading on to Lake George. What an awesome learning experience. I had never been in a house with ceilings that were that low and I learned why they were. It gets cold up there and it takes less energy to heat the place. We met Rodman who is an avid astrologist and he showed us the space shuttle in orbit. I have tried to make 2 Toad Chokers but every time we are ready to ride the weather turns crappy and we end up staying home and pouting. I want to ride to one some day. I have since had the pleasure of riding, telling jokes & just hanging out with several members who I now consider close friends. If you want to meet people with different back grounds, this is the place to go. I have a large family of my own and consider many of these guys as my extended family. YOU DON"T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE MISSING!

ATGATT Because walking away in disgust is better than riding away in an ambulance!

Today is the oldest you've ever been, yet the youngest you will ever be, so enjoy this day while it lasts.


Guess I'll chime in as well.....

I found this web-site one night late at work (grave-yard shift) while looking up an answer to a question I had about my 1300. Finding this site was the luckiest thing that has happened to me in a long time (except for meeting Kat, another story). Aside from being a site where one can find answers to technical and riding questions, this site contains some of the nicest, wackiest, funniest, most generous, friendly, and open-armed people I have ever met. No one here is a stranger. All of us seem to have open door policies when it comes to putting each other up for a night or two when needed. Help? All you have to do is ask (and often don't even need to do that). I can honestly say that I've made friends here who are steadfast and loyal and ask nothing from me except for the same. Priceless stuff if you ask me. My day usually begins with reading the paper over coffee then checking this site for news and events that affect my friends here. My day usually ends pretty much the same way. Checking out how everybody is doing here. I'm genuinely happy with what has happened to me since my association with A large portion of my free time is now spent planning for events with this incredible group of people or looking at pictures and videos from recently completed events. I suppose I've got it bad for this group but I hope there is no cure for this curious disease. Come join us in Louisiana and/or Wyoming and I bet you'll catch it, too!


"Better to remain silent and thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt!" Mark Twain

Dittos on what Mr Reece had

Dittos on what Mr Reece had to say. I am not a joiner, much more of a Lone Wolf, but this group has become family to Donna and me. The Dubois gathering will be our 4th one. We made the trips to Gatliburg, Salida and Lake George and wouldn't trade the experiences for anything. If anyone is considering making the trip, pull the trigger and do it. You won't be sorry and you will find yourself doing what we do - planning the next one as soon as a location is decided and gathering your riding group. This is the best bunch of folks you could ever hang around with. You want to see what goes on, check the video.... ....and then call and make your reservations........paul

The shortest road trip you'll ever make on a bike.......from Bad Ass to Dumb Ass!