Australian XVS1300 Riders

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Home from the Teauxd Cheauxker, with fond memories …

14 days, 3954 miles on the truck and about 750 miles of riding to and from OKC and Shreveport and the Traveling Ambassador is home. Got in yesterday just before 5 pm. Seems a long way to go for 2 days of visitation and a fish bait boil but man it was great to see old friends and meet new ones. The only regret I have is that I couldn’t bring some of the warm weather back with me. It’s at about 35 degrees as I write. Just a little chillier than it should be here at this time of year.

A special thanks for their hospitality to Paul and Donna in OKC, to Cliff and Jackie for their super human efforts in organizing and pulling off this incredible fest and to Jon and Michelle in Chattanooga for taking me to out for a fine dinner on Wednesday.

Nil Sine Labore

2010 model coolant weep

2010 model coolant weep

Coolant leak from under the crankcase of a 2010 XVS1300, which according to Yamaha Australia is normal event, as the plate is apparently the vent point for the mechanical seal on the water pump.

Anybody chat?

I remember some good conversations in the chat room on this site. Now I never find anyone in the place. I see an interactive chapter on here but what better way to interact than right in the chat room. I will continue to check the site when I get on the site, hopefully sometime I will find someone there sometime.

Four wheels move the body, but two wheels move the soul.

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XVS 1300 A(Z)

XVS 1300 A(Z)

My new ride 2010 xvs 1300a .........much better than the xvs 650a it replaced

OHLINS fork springs V STD fork spings

OHLINS fork springs V STD fork spings

Old versus new springs.

Old oil level 105 mm
New oil level 110 mm

Fork Servicing Modification..

Fork Servicing Modification..

I spent 10 minutes modifying my forks so I could install the OHLINS fork springs and service the forks without disassembling the whole front end.

Trim the shrouds covering the lower fork pinch bolts.

Now all you have to do is remove front wheel, front guard and the pinch bolts. Now you just slide out the forks and service them. No removing handlebars and top fork clamp.... :-)

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V-Star 1300 Tourer Throttle Cables

I need to replace my Throttle Cables with 2 to 3 inches longer cables. Anyone have any idea where I can order these cables from? Thank you.

Where in Australia are you?

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18% (2 votes)
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27% (3 votes)
9% (1 vote)
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9% (1 vote)
Overseas Ozzie
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Overseas Other
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Total votes: 11
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Has anyone ground the floorboard yet?

I was riding today and for the first time I leaned too far and the floorboard and scrubbed the deck! It sent a little tingle up my spine which I can say was kinda thrilling, but at the same time was sort of terrifying!
Also I would like to hear the stories of riders going over hills and the unexpected waiting for them. I did that today and there were three dogs in the road. I hit the brakes(not too hard) (I am gratefull for the great brakes on my 1300t)and I blew the tinny sounding factory horn and they scattered thank God! I will be looking into a louder horn now.

I'm off to the MotoGP

Well I'm off to Philip Island (980 km) for the MotoGP tomorrow. Weather is cold wet and windy. :-(

First trip interstate so a big test....

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