Battery Life

What's the expected life of a factory battery? I used to believe it was 1 year. However, I have an 07 1300T equipped with the original battery that went into service January of 08. It has approximately 6000 miles. It fires up with out hesitation. Am I riding on borrowed time? Thanks for your feedback.


a long time

My original Yuasa battery in my 2007 lasted until spring of 2017 with 18,000 miles. It hadn't actually died yet, but I had it in for other service, and they recommended replacing it. I top it off with a trickle charger about once a month through the winter.

Battery life

My new battery lasted 5 months. Died overnight with no warning. Dealer replaced it free.

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The battery that came with the 1300 is an AGM, or absorbed glass matt, battery, or at least mine is. And they have a longer life span than a conventional battery, or even a gel cell battery. I have the original in my 2007 and it has over 20,000 miles on it and it starts without hesitation also. When I do replace the original battery it will be with the same brand that came with the bike since it has been such a good one, a Yuasa YTX20HL-BS. I may just replace mine next year, if the original makes it through the winter.

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Just do a search here on Battery, and you'll get your answer.
Lots of opinions. Ultimately you will have to decide when to replace it.

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I had 2007 up until this

I had 2007 up until this year still had the original . Kept it on trickle charger over the winters . Still worked fine when my ex stole it ! LOL