Buckeye/Wolverine V-Star 1300 Tourers

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I'm Going to the Dark Side

My 1300 has a nasty habit of cutting off at highway speeds, like you are playing with the kill switch. Been chasing this problem for 2 years and Yamaha cant find it and refuses to change out the computer (its still under extended warrantee). I was going to change it out myself until I was quoted $1400 for the pleasure of doing it myself. Since it only happens intermittantly at speeds above 65 mph, I just considered it a (major) bother until last week when it quit on me when I was in the center lane of the Interstate, passing a big rig with traffic on my left and another big rig behind me. I survived because the trucker behind me was alert and locked his brakes up before he consumed me. We were lucky that I didn't cause a major accident. I took the bike back to another Yamaha dealer (the third one) and he cant find the problem either. I'm buying a new Goldwing next week.

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DUNLOP TIRE K555 170/70B16 75H

I just wanted to let you all know that if you are looking for DUNLOP TIRE K555 170/70B16 75H for your Vstar 1300 I found a web site that sells these tires for $162.68 with free shipping. If you already know this, please ignore this.. Ali


Went tro the Darkside

Well, after reading everything I could find on the DS tire and waffling back anf forth for a few months, I finally did it. Drag79stang and his comments helped me make the final decision. I had it put on Wednesday and am very pleased with the handling.
I did a few hard leans (hard for me) and the tire didn't seem to handle any differant than my MT tire did. I will stick with the DS tires going forward.
Saved $$$$
102.00 for the tire (included shipping)
73.00 for install and balance
and expect to get 3 times the miles out of it over an MT

To see the tire go here http://www.thefroginator.co.uk/fm-pix/albums/userpics/DSC00006.JPG and visualize the blue fender as Silver.

Thanks Drag79

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Week end ride

Hey snowboarder72, Hi Shelby, thanks for the call today, count me in for a ride this week end to Helena or where ever everyone wants to go. I will checking the forum for more information and say hi to Chad for me as well.

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Mid May Ride for Georgia Chapter or others

Hey Icebox Charlie, hope all is well with you. Been down in florida for a week and just got back. Did we get anything set up for a ride for May, let me know as I am pretty sure I will be available for a ride most of the month of May.

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