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Anyone in Central Texas planning on attending any event this summer from San Antonio?


Just wondering if anyone in SA is planning in attending any the many events for motorcycles in Central Texas this summer? If so, let's get to chatting on this forum and see if we can get a group ride going, doesn't matter what kind or make of bike, just some folks from San Antonio riding together.
Hope to hear from you soon,


Parts Unlimited low profile double seat with backrest

These Parts Unlimited seats are pretty new to the market, I believe, so I can't find any reviews. If any of you have one or have heard anything about them could you let me know. Shane at ss custom cycles is selling them for about the same price as the Mustang $550.00. Thanks, Dev

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Mustang Seat Install..Help.

I have just received my Mustang seat from Shane but I have a problem installing the pasenger seat. Does anyone know if the 1300 bracket has to be turned around or if there happens to be a "trick" to install the seat. I called Shane but he is unable to help at this time. If you have had this problem and solved it I would appreciate the information. This is the plain front and rear seat.



Just wanted to give a big shout out to Will for a great get together in Salida! I got to put some names with faces and make some "new" friends from online aquaintances. We had to leave on Thursday, but got back to KS safe and sound and in one day. 500 miles in the saddle is enough for me whether it's a Mustang seat or not. :)

4 wheels move the body - 2 wheels move the soul.

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Georgia Ride Saturday

Hutch, if you guys are still riding this saturday let me know as I will go , my plans for softball tourny have changed. I am available to ride. Need to know when and where and time to meet. See ya soon.

OEM crash bars

Hi all, I bought the OEM crash bars from Jimmar36 and was wondering if anyone would mind posting a couple of pictures of their mounting. Looking at the bars it looks like they might attach to the same bolt holes the driver floorboards use. I'm not sure about the upper attachment.




We have some very talented photographers on this site. The pictures of beautiful scenery and V1300's posted on the site prove it. Calendar printing software is prolific, and you can buy it very cheap. I have downloaded pictures from the site and they look great on a calendar. My 2010 calendar this year will feature things I enjoy; motorcycles and beautiful places! A big THANK YOU to all who have posted photos of your travels, I will be enjoying them all through out the year.


Four wheels move the body, but two wheels moves the soul.

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Anyone looking to plan some cruises?

Live in Liberty Hill and my wife and I are looking to make some new friends to take weekend cruises with around the area. We moved to Texas about 5 years ago from Cali and have grown to love this part of the countrly. So many different routes and places to go on a motorcycle. We have an 07 1300 and will post some pictures soon. ~Rob and Alicia

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Extended Warranty

Ok folks. I was @ my Yammy dealer yesterday. Lookin to take my bitch seat and sissy bar off (since the bitch left me)and keep the bags. A man was there on his 1300 and I introduced myself and told him about our 1300 family. His wife was riding her own bike too. Very nice people. Anyway I was telling them and the owners wife Mrs. Hopper (business partner) about this site. Mrs Hopper asked me to post this and I said I would. (Man of my word). Ok listen up..................

Yamaha Extended Warrany - YES 48 months $389.00
Contact D&H Cycle.Inc. call 1-877-3-yamaha


1300 Tourer with Tow Pac Kit Installed

1300 Tourer with Tow Pac Kit Installed

This is me on our new 2009 1300 Tourer with a Tow Pac Trike kit installed. Our first real trip from Lexington Tx to Waco Tx.

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