Cool October Ride, Temps that is

Had a couple of hours late this Sunday afternoon to myself and couldn't resist going for a short 60 mile ride. Nothing too spectacular, just my regular ride out to Elburn IL, up to Silver Glen Road and back. Saw a few other motorcyclists out but not as many during warmer periods. We wave as we pass each other, knowing we're a very special group experiencing something the cagers don't even have clue about. Riding out in the open, fresh air, (really fresh at 56 degrees) just out riding our motorcycles, for no particular reason except to go for a ride. Haven't put the windshield back on, that was a mistake. Cold? Nah, this is refreshing, pretty soon I'll be wishing for riding in 56 degrees. Sure I got another hoodie I could add for maybe some extra warmth, but I'll just keep going. Damn, glad I'm not really far from home, kind of feeling the chill. Another thing I was noticing, the state of the farms. Either mowed flat and cleared, or the big machines out starting the process. Colors, yellow, crimson, brown and tan. Damn I'm feeling cold, but glad I got out. Don't know how many more of these I'll get in for the rest of the year.

If you're ever out in Elburn, strongly suggest you stop at the Ream's Elburn Market, an old-fashioned family-owned business that specializes in knowledgable, friendly service and high quality fresh meat, smoked meats, and other unique food items. Best strip steaks I've ever bought, and they're award winning sausage makers.

Tom, Carol Stream, Illinois


Love these reports ...

Thanks Tom. Based on the forecasts, winter storage for us in the north is fast approaching.

Nil Sine Labore

Ya can't roller skate in a Buffalo heard; cause ya might trip and fall in a Buffalo terd. Thanks Roger Miller-RIP


Had a thin layer of ice on the shield when I got out of work yesterday morning. Not a warming feeling. No more overnight rides... Man I hate this time of year.

TC Bob