Florida riding groups for the winter

Currentlly in Naples Florida for the winter but as yet have not seen any other 1300's in the area. Trailered my 1300 Tourer down from southern Ontario but while I have seen a lot of bikes, and ridden with a few, most are Harleys. Any chance anybody out there is in the Naples area with their 1300 for the winter or here year round?


Just got back

Just got back from your area. Trailered the bike down to Frost Proof, Florida(central Florida) from southern Illinois to stay with friends. Then rode around Okeechobee and on to Everglades City. After a nice boat ride and up close and personal with some very friendly dolphins, we went on to Homestead and then eventually arrived in Key West. After 4 days on the road sightseeing, we rode about 350 miles straight back to Frost Proof from Key West on the 5th day. Vacation was about over and unfortunately we headed back home. A lot of sight-seeing along the way and the weather was PERFECT! Total road trip on the bike was about 850 miles...and my wife enjoyed all of it! (Icing on the cake) This might not seem significant, but it was our first "road trip"... But won't be our last. motodan

Everglades City

Hey BKM.

Being that you're right next door to Everglades City, this weekend is their BIG annual seafood fest. You would enjoy it lots!



And if you haven't been there yet, it's a must to go thru E-City to get to the little Chokoloskee general store.

Be well,

Everglades City

Just my luck - timing is everything. Three of us were there on the bikes on Saturday. Never saw any promotions for the event but might just go back now that I know the way