Full service manual for the 1300

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Here is a web site that has the full service manuals for most V Star models including the 1300, I also downloaded one for my wifes 650 Classic. It look`s like it has engine removal and the hole shot though I don`t think I would like to tackle that. It might come in handy sometime, while your there he also has other thing to look at to. http://www.paulmilner.com/yamaha/handbuch/handbuch.htm



Thanks for the Manual,the timing could'nt be more perfect..i needed to adjust my clutch and believe me; its alot different on the 1300 than the 650. Bryan Adams


Thanks for the contribution. I used it to remove the rear wheel... which made it a LOT cheaper to get that back tire replaced.


thanks a bunch - great job for all of us.