Home, home, home.....

Kat and I just rolled in the door and wanted to check in so that we can get a head count of those who made it home so far and those who havn't. We know that Conrad is still out on the road but who else? Hot, hot ride today but we got a pretty early start and were able to beat the worst heat of the day. We were very, very glad to see that our garden appears to have survived for us. I even picked 3 tomatos. Might just have to have some BLT's for dinner tonight.

Have to say that this sure was a memorable M&G! Kat and I put 3819 wonderful miles on our bike. Took lots of terrific pictures and video. We met some fine new friends and of course re-newed friendships with a lot of our dear old friends. Happy to see and hear that most everyone has come and gone home with only minor mishaps along the way (although a very close one for Paul, right?). I have to once again brag on my wonderful 1300 tourer. Ruby ran and ran without even a hiccup along the way. Pulled our fully loaded trailer with two passengers and never once complained no matter how steep, rugged, fast or slow we proceeded. Even if I ever go with another style of ride, I will always have a 1300 tucked in my garage. Flat out, the best motorcycle on the planet in my opinion.

Enough for now. Only one question. How long until the next M&G? We're already packed. Let's go.

Roger and Kat