home from m&g

We made it home at 3:00. Now to unpack.

Back in Central New York

Rodman's back in Central New York! Kickstand down an hour ago, and JUST ahead of the rain. Wow, what a trip! My first long motorcycle ride. 11 days, 11 states, one Canadian province and 2900 miles. That's it for details. SO, so great to meet up with my friends from 2 years ago in Lake George, and so, so great to make new ones this year. Thanks to ALL of you for making this whole thing what it was. I won't thank you individually, because I might leave someone out... but I do have to say a special thank you to Conrad. My friend; my mentor. I could not have possibly learned all I did without your help. Your touring tips, wit, wisdom, and stories were a shear delight. Everything went perfectly!... well, except for my "incident" yesterday where my R saddlebag lid popped open. When and Where? Good questions. I suspect we had ridden miles and miles before discovering it. So in the end, I made a personal sacrifice of one, new, First Gear rain jacket to the Motorcycle Touring God. Apparently, the Gods accepted it, because the rain held off until I got home. Another lesson learned.
I came back home with much greater confidence with my own riding, and a greater appreciation of the magnificient machine we ride.
Thank you, to each and every one of you, for making this practically a "Life Event" for me. I sincerely mean that.

Great you are safe

Good to see you two just like old times.
I just can not remember what they were.
I t was a pleasure Tony.


Great Trip, Tony

We're so glad you and Michaeleen joined us at the cabin. Maybe we can get the Stayner's to join us there sometime if Dixie will brave the mile of gravel. :)


I'd rather be wise than smart.

Gravel? Did you say gravel?

Dixie will ride gravel when she has to. Hopefully it will be a good solid base. LOL

ATGATT Because walking away in disgust is better than riding away in an ambulance!

Friends are family you pick up along the way.


Good base?

Well, kind of. It is 0.9 mi that goes from gravel to dirt and gravel to dirt and grass to grass. It was an experience, in it's own right, but very easy, even with two up and the trailer. Trust me on this, it really is a little piece of paradise and well worth a longer, rougher road.
I know just enough to be dangerous.

Nothing like it

Glad to hear you all have made it home. It was a great time and appreciated your company.

TC Bob

If I can get Paul,away from the free Wi-Fi in Barnes & Noble

We should get to the Chicago hotel in about 30 minutes.

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