How many members still ride a 1300?

1300 vstar
77% (46 votes)
3% (2 votes)
7% (4 votes)
7% (4 votes)
2% (1 vote)
other yamaha
2% (1 vote)
3% (2 votes)
Total votes: 60


Still on my 07' Silver Tourer

Really like my "Oasis" but wouldn't mind having a Wing...

I'm still riding my dark red

I'm still riding my dark red 08. I go to the Motorcycle show every year to dream , but with 26000 miles, no problems, and no payments, its hard to trade.

Still riding my blue 07

Not sure I'll ever get another new bike or not, I do love my Odie, most of my miles are from going to our M+G's, can't wait till June to see all you yahoos again!! Is it June yet? iceman55

Still storming south and central Texas on my 09 VS1300.

Have finished all the up grades, Ultimate seat, bags, trunk, lights, cobra everything . . . etc. wouldn't dream of parting company with it or replacing it with anything else. Will certainly consider other bikes for other than cruising purposes, but this one goes int my estate to my grandson.

Very Nice!

TC Bob


I couldn't imagine a better plan. :)


I'd rather be wise than smart.

V Star 1300T for 100,000 miles

I still have my 2012 1300T and my goal is 100,000 miles with it. I really like this bike!! I have had Honda cars that I put 360,000 miles on but never been over 20,000 with any motorcycle.

Still on my 1300

I looked at HD Ultra Classic and an Indian, but just can't let the 1300 go. So, I bought a new GMC Canyon today. That settled any thought on a new bike.
I know just enough to be dangerous.


Didn't sea that coming.
Congrats !
Canyon is a sharp truck Just about as big as a full size.
If I had the money I wood have got a truck also...I hate when I have to be a adult :-(
Raymond :-)

Gotta stick with our 1300

I just got a new truck and Jenn got a new Jeep. So we'll be riding the 1300 til it won't run any more.


Interesting so far..

First, I kind of thought more people had switched rides over time. Secondly, I am really surprised to see by poll that no one has ported that they switched to Harley. IMO just shows what a solid and value added bike the 1300T is. Personally the HD results surprises me a bit because they hold there resale value so much better than other bikes. I guess most the folks on here don't buy a bike with plans on selling it right away ;-). I am really curious to see how the Indians hold up, if I could get Bert to unfold her arms, that full dresser looks sweet in picture!

TC Bob

It IS Interesting

I think those of us who ride 2-up all the time have a little more incentive to move to a larger, more powerful bike--I know that was my main motivation. I think if Linda had wanted to ride her own bike I'd still be on my 1300--and she'd be on one of her own like Kat, Donna, and Jackie all are. I'm happy with what the Wing provides even though it isn't really a sporty or exciting bike to own. Kind of like a Chevy Impala used to be. :)


I'd rather be wise than smart.

Well Bob.....

I'm thinking that "polls" can be deceiving for sure. I suppose that many of the 1300 riders who switched also dropped out of this web-site. So, they obviously wouldn't see nor vote in this poll. The data, therefore, is skewed heavily in favor of the V-Stars. Kinda like "polling" a Tea party convention to see how many people there would vote for Obama. I get the feeling he wouldn't get very many votes in that poll. See what I mean? Of course, the fabulous thing about many of our family of former 1300 riders is that they stuck around anyway just for the fine, fine people who populate this group. Hope this continues to be the case.


"Never engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed man." Winston Churchill


Honestly, I was just interested in our family Ridders. The funny thing is with the group that's on this site you can find data on just about any type of motor vehicle you want. Gotta love it.

TC Bob

2007 Non-tourer

Original owner with 40,000 miles and I still have it. Almost lost it in a wreck a couple years ago but the shop fixed it up good and it's still on the road. If I was to replace it I'd probably go with one of the Indian Chieftains. Never taken one out for a ride (afraid I won't be content with my 1300 after) but I've sat on them and they seem to fit me like a glove. Plus they look and sound great.

Still have it

I'm still riding my 2007 candy red Tourer. When and if I get another bike it will be the Triumph Thunderbird LT. I'll keep my 1300 bercause I got to much in it to just give it away and besides I like the bike.

Dave (#17 )
Bear Rocks, Pennsylvania


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I'm on my second 1300T, took a little vacation from riding and the day I sold it I said that I would only buy another 13. It's just that good of a bike, and I'm sure there are a ton of you that will agree.
When friends asked me where my bike was I told them where it was.
Then I also told them that I was "just in between bikes" at the moment. And I was! I won't be selling this one very soon. ...
Jdadoug. "It aint never easy"

Red 2007 non tourer

Original owner, nearing 50,000 miles.

Still ride a black 1300...

Still ride a black 1300... but it's a Honda. Actually... it just sits in the garage and looks pretty. 2015 she'll get some more miles. Hopefully spread out over more than a couple weeks in June!!

on my second

I am riding my 2nd Vstar 1300, first one was totaled about a year after I bought it by a wayward cager.


You only go around once; do it right the first time.

Count us in for.....

Two 1300's as well. Just posted a pic of them after a couple of short rides day before yesterday.


"Never engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed man." Winston Churchill

My family has 2 V-Stars

Geaux Tiger
"Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler"
"Let The Good Times Roll"

Still riding 1300 Tourer Bob [since 2007] ...

Nil Sine Labore

Consciousness ... that annoying time between naps

Black Beauty

I have the 2010 Raven 1300 Tourer, my 1st bike ever.

Tom B.