I cannot download a pic

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I do what I usually do.....go to Upload....choose my picture.....it shows as being listed and then when I hit Submit it tells me I need to upload a pic. I've done this a bajillion times (maybe more) and it still won't take. Grrrrr!!!


Up Load pic's

I have had the same problem all this week, I followed all the instructions I had from Conrad like before, & nothing.

Go to create contact, then go to "Image" & hit the down arrow on the "Image Galleries",scroll to bottom to find not 1300 related,under "Image click the browse button (the browse button will not work for me) & sellect the image from wherever you may have it stored, ( I can go to a file & it list's the picture # but will not work when I hit "Preview") Fill in the boddy (it will appear as a caption).

Conrad did say unless your picture is over 1MB it should work (all my pictures may be over that by a long shot)

I do all of that & after I hit "Preview" a large red tag shows at the top & said a picture must be downloaded.

How about a "How- To" on the "How-to" Section.