Kat and KansasWizard checking in.....

Got home a couple of hours ago. Eventful day that we'll fill y'all in on later. Had a great, great time in PDC!!! Looking forward already to next year. Very tired now. Think we'll hit the hay early. Pictures and more comments later. Just wanted to let everyone know that, we too, are safe at home. More later.


Glad you guys

Are home safe and sound--as always it was a pleasure to get together with you and Kat. I liked your suggestion about the Fall Meet-Up, Roger--let's chat about that when you get settled in. I think Omaha/Council Bluffs would be great.


I'd rather be wise than smart.

Thanks for reporting in Roger ...

Nil Sine Labore

I used to be indecisive ... Now I'm not so sure!?

Glad your home

Good to have seen you & Kat.



Glad to now that you are home safe and sound. Loved seeing you guys and riding to Field of Dreams. Looking forward to the next time.
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