Life is hell....

Spent last night in Durango, Colorado. Had dinner at Francisco's (a fine Mexican restaurant). Camped out under the stars and nearly full moon. Today rode from Durango to Taos, New Mexico on some of the finest riding roads in North America. Great weather, great scenery, and wonderful riding companion (Kat). Tonight we are comfortably situated in a nice hotel with a hot tub in the corner or our room just waiting for us to get into. Can't wait. Tomorrow, we'll ride on a portion of the "Majic Circle" through Angel Fire as we head towards home. We had dinner at the Guadalajara Grill tonight. Many of you know how good that place is! Topped dinner off with fried ice cream. Now it is nearly time for the tub, a drink or two, then bed. We'll be home in two more days. Final report when we get home. As for now, we'll just try to endure this living hell we're going through. We count on all of you guys' good wishes to get us through this. Thanks for your support.



In Greensburg Kansas right now and ready for the last leg home iin the morning. We've had a marvelous trip but are eager to get home. We'll talk to you all tomorrow once we decompress from the road. Soon.


"Heaven for climate. Hell for the company!" Mark Twain

Sounds roug, Roger

I just can't believe that you reported to us BEFORE hitting the hot tub! Hang in there...I'm sure life only gets better from here.

"The minute you think you've got it made, disaster is just around the corner." -- Joe Paterno

Lets See

11 more years for The Man and I'll be in the same situation as you, Roger--man I am dreading that. ;)


I'd rather be wise than smart.

So sorry to hear it

You poor man. Keep a stiff upper lip and try to soldier on.
I know just enough to be dangerous.

Man that sounds rough Roger ...

What can we do to help? ;-)

Nil Sine Labore

Ham & Eggs - one day job for a chicken, lifetime commitment for a pig

We'll muddle through....

Thanks for the kind offer but I think I/we can handle this onour own. Wink, wink.


"Heaven for climate. Hell for the company!" Mark Twain