Long time , no posts.

I took vacation in late July to ride home to Indiana and loved every minute of it! The first day was almost 9 hours in the saddle and an 11.5 hour day to Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky. The weather was perfect. A little fog in the AM, but sunny the rest of the day. I spent two nights at Mammoth Cave (in the hotel, and very glad I made that decision). Monday morning I rode to Indianapolis in a driving rain, but because it was a warm rain I enjoyed it. In the two weeks I was away, that was the only rain I really rode it. I think I got pretty lucky. I did end up getting my oil done at a dealership near Crown Point, IN, but I made it all the way back to Mobile, AL, before needing to replace the rear tire. It's only been in the last six weeks that I haven't ridden the bike to work and only because I've had to work in places I don't normally go and the weather has been questionable (although it's gorgeous outside now, and I'm at work until Friday morning). Anyhoo, I'm still around and still alive and riding! Anybody know of a good mod for 'parade' lights? I've been riding with the Patriot Guard all Summer and would like to have some flashing lights.


Glad to hear you

USS Alabama & USS Drum great tour.
The Sub was way to cool. No room to fart, 36 -38 men on the sub & no fresh air.
No thanks.
I will stay in touch.
Sounds like you been working different locations ?

Later, Raymond