Made it Home Safely

I made it home safely from Osage Beach. I really enjoyed meeting everybody and I'm looking forward to the next event. It was a nice ride home and I was able to stay warm most of the way home thanks to the sun. It started getting cold the last ten miles, so I'm sitting here fighting the chills. A hot beverage is waiting for me in the kitchen. Thanks for putting together a great event!


Great to meet you Hans!

Hans, it was great to meet you and get to spend time relaxing with you and some of our other members. Stay safe!


It was great to meet you

It was great to meet you Hans! We're looking forward to seeing you again.

Take care!

Will R.

How was your seat & Ride

Well you are one of us . Guess you know now you are stuck with us.
Hope you had a good ride . Just checking how you & the seat got along.

Ride Safe, Raymond

The seat

was relatively OK going down there. I didn't have any pain the first 300 miles, but the last 120 miles or so were more of a pain in the butt. Going home was a different story. I had to move around a lot and stretch my legs to become more comfortable. I can see some upgrades over the winter. I definitely need a new or modified seat, engine guards and maybe highway pegs. I have to buy the engine guards first to find out if I can reach the pegs.


Thanks, Hans

We're glad you made the trip to join in and I hope you enjoyed it. Keep Wisconsin on your radar for June.


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Pleasure meeting you, Hans.....

Looking forward to getting together again some time. You have no excuse to not make the next M&G, right?


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