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Mostly set up now

Mostly set up now

I took some aluminum to a machine shop to make the trunk mount. Added a King Tour Pak with full lighting. Next is forward controls, and keeping the highway bar.

Not a fun shopping experience

While for many the shopping for a new bike is exciting, it was far from it for me. Perhaps its the reason for the shopping. Four weeks ago yesterday evening at 6-6L15 pm my 2005 black cherry dyna wide with an updated vintage king tour pak and heal=toe shifter that was just about fixed up the way I wanted it (I even have the new Magnum clutch cable still in the package) drove off without me and has not been seen since.

I tried a Vulcan, but it was nose heavy and wanted to lock the bars in the direction of the turn and it had no acceleration, a kow, not good when riding in a tight pack. I tested a V92 Victory, but it was surprisingly kowish too and had a few issues. I tried a Yamaha Warrior, but didn't know if I could afford it after the insurance payout without putting extra $$$ into it. I kinda wish I did get it though. Then I tried a 950 V-Star. Not bad! Not bad at all! But I carry a passenger most of the time and didn't think the 950 would be a good choice, so looked for a 1300.

I planned on putting a bid on one on Ebay, located 12 hours away. But that was sold the evening before the auction was supposed to end. I contacted the owner of another only 2 hours away, and located near our niece. It was going to be a short little getaway. He never responded.

I found this red one with less than 9k miles on it, with a funky black muffler that looked stock. We drove up to KC to look at it. It seems the previous owner CUT the housing to modify the baffle and did a lousy job of welding it back together and painted it black to cover up the shoddy work. It sounds nice though. I rode it twice, with a Boulevard in between, much nicer looking, but nope, not for me. We agreed on a price and the salesman brought out the hard Yamaha saddlebags that were in storage. The right bag had about 2/3 of the bottom burned out! Nope, no deal.

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V-Star 1300 with True Dual exhaust

V-Star 1300 with True Dual exhaust

With Kent Did It stainless steel duals, .50 Calibers adjustable baffles and slash cut 3.5" exhaust tips.

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Missouri Dam Rally 2009

2009-06-26 00:00
2009-06-28 18:00

American Biker Charities is planning their Annual Dam Rally to be held on June 26th thru June 28th. It is open to all makes of bikes but tends to be mostly HD. It would be great to get a group of V-Star 1300's together for the weekend. Mark Twain Lake is a nice area in the rural part of Missouri. Hannibal is a short 25 miles from the Rally site and a tourist attraction. Very good resturants, motels and camping nearby. If anyone is interested in attending the rally let me know and we can try and get everyone together.
I will volunteer to be the coordinator as I live in the Mark Twain Lake area. Hopefully everyone can stay at the same campgrounds or Motel

The web site for the "Dam Rally" is

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