Meet & Greet Thoughts

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I don't honestly know where to begin! The rally, in my opinion, was a success! We had around 30 folks show up to the picnic, about 15 bikes on the ride, and 15 joined us for dinner at Famous Dave's! What a fun day,... it felt like a reunion of great friends.

It was so great to meet each and every one of you in person! Something I have been waiting to do for some time now. We have a great group of people here. I reckon I need to keep an eye on Conrad... I didn't see him slip some contributions into my saddle. That is much appreciated... and it will go into the kitty for out next get together.

I got some great compliments on the event... but I couldn't have pulled it off without everyone's help and support. I am already mulling around ideas in my head for next year, but I hope I do not have to wait that long to see everyone again.

Thanks Kaelar for the neat idea... we all had our beverages raised at dinner to those that could not make it.

The event patches were waiting for me on my doorstep when I got home... so I'll be mailing those out soon. If you were at the event, but didn't fill out a ticket (raffle ticket), please email me your address, and I'll get one in the mail to you next week. I'll then have the leftover patches available in the online store for those of you who were there in spirit, but not in person.

Chrissy and I have some neat video clips and photos,... I'll be working on putting together a video that everyone will have access to.

Thanks again everyone for a great day at beaver lake... I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.

I'll be posting more on the event soon... right now, I need a nap.

Ride safe everyone... and many thanks!

Will R.


Meet & Greet Thoughts

Will: I just wanted to add my thanks to you and Chrissy for everything you did setting up the meet & greet. It was really nice to meet you and the other forum members and see in person all the mods that have been added to the 1300T. The dinner was a lot of fun. That was definitely the highlight of the Star Days week for me. To those of you that could not make it, you definitely want to pencil it in on your calendar for next year. I got the patch last week and love it! Thanks.

Anyone passing through the Bentonville - Rogers, Arkansas area, you definitley want to put the loop around Bearver Lake on your "must ride" list. It's 80 miles of some of the best motorcycling roads you'll ever find. This was my first trip to the Ozark Mountains and I can't wait to go back. I might make the run for the Bikes, Blues and Barbeque later this fall.

Concerning Billings, Montanta, I didn't have enough time to explore that area on my trip, but there is beautiful scenery and great twisty roads all over that area, so I'm confident that everyone will find enjoyable riding.

Thanks again.

Ride Safe ~ Mike

meet and greet thoughts

Thanks for the patch- What a great design.
I was one of the guys that showed up for the picnic, but didn't make the ride. If can make it ( Is it Billings Montana ? ) next year, the ride will be a priority.
Thanks again for setting us up with the cookout, the patch and the oppertunity to make new friends. It was great.

Oh- by the way- Today-I retired from Cessna Aircraft after 44 years of enjoyable service. MORE TIME TO RIDE !!
Gordon Brown Wichita Kansas

Congrat Gordon!

You must have enjoyed your job to have been there 44 years! That is quite an accomplishment... congratulations!

I believe the annual Star Days rally is being held in Billings next year towards the end of July. I am sure some of the Star members have the exact dates. There are some neat riding opportunities within reach of billings... Yellowstone is roughly 125 miles away. Chief Joseph Highway... is also a ride that is way cool. Big Horn Canyon is around 90 miles away.

Here is a map with some photos... I am sure mtibbs will be glad to share his thoughts on the area. :)

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Anyways... I think we got a good turnout because we held our get together at the same time as Star Days... depending on our membership, we may need to do that for another year. Billings may be too far out of the way for a lot of folks, but my feeling is that a lot of people already plan a yearly trip to Star Days, and paralleling the events probably helps our attendance and may bring a few more riders to the Star Touring group.

Next year we'll have more gifts and prizes... more activities... and probably some all day rides. Our event will be spread out over a couple days so the members here will be free to choose what they attend.... similar to this year's event... but a little more organized.

Feedback is always welcome... ;)

Will R.

StarDays 2009

Will be held July 21 - 24.

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Best of luck to you in

Best of luck to you in retirement. You should have much to be proud of after providing that many years of service.


...on your retirement! I hope you have a blast with all your free time.

Ride safe out there,

Thank You

Will & Chrissy,
Thank you for the picnic and arranging the meet and greet. I'm new to your site, but have seen some of the names on some other forums. Now I can put some faces to the names. I enjoyed meeting and talk with all of you, had a great time, and nice ride at Beaver Lake. Will your post on delphi is the reason I went to Star Days.

(The guy with the car tire)

You all ride safe,

Life is short, make the best of what you have and enjoy it.

Car Tire

No need to answer just found you thoughts of the car tire on another thread. Thanks.

Hello DJ1300, I have been thinking about a car tire. What tire and size are you using, and what do you think. I know a couple of people that are using them and really like it.

Car Tire

Any question, just ask.

Life is short, make the best of what you have and enjoy it.

Mine was raised also.

Glad to hear the trip/gathering went well...maybe next time. It would be nice to see the people I am toasting!