M&G 6 tour guide

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Ok well as some of you may know i only live 1 hours south of PDC. As some of you also know ( those who were at the Toad Choker) i started a new job so i was not able to stay up in PDC during the duration of this fabulous event. well today there was a new wrench tossed into the mix but because i like to always think of the glass half full and not half empty, i think it will work for everyone. Today at work i was told i will now be on 3rd shift starting first thing next week. the original plan was for me to ride up to PDC every evening and hang out with the group, eat and listin to story time. well now that i am moving to 3rd shift this is what i would like to offer ( if you guys dont want to then my feelings wont be hurt so just say so ) i get off work at 7am i go home clean up a little (dirty job) and then head up to PDC to meet up with everyone. Anyone who then wants to take a jaunt south to Field of Dreams, J&P Cycles, National Motorcycle Museum, can then gather up and then head south. I can do this on more than one occasion because as i learned from the Toad Choker everyone likes to do things at their own pace so i know that not everyone may want to do this trip on the same day.

Of course i will part ways once we reach the National Motorcycle museum because i will need to get some rest but i will gladly come up again the next day to visit and take the next group along.

If you guys have any questions please feel free to ask 319-929-7653

cant wait to see everyone next week!

Apprciate the offer Jamie ...

I'm game to get to the Motorcycle Museum and J&P Cycles so I may well take you up on a ride. Thanks for your involvement.

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That might work

for anyone who wants to go that direction, Jamie. Myself I have no idea where I'm going to ride yet--probably won't know until the morning we head out. I plan to load a route or two into the GPS but haven't got around to it yet--always seems to be something else going on. I think there's some interest in the Maquoketa Caves as well.


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30 miles

The caves are about 30 miles from J&P and the motorcycle Museum

shut up and ride