M&G 7 Voting Round 1 (part 2)

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Black Hills, SD
44% (11 votes)
Bridgeport, CA
20% (5 votes)
New River Gorge, WV
24% (6 votes)
Kalispel, MT
12% (3 votes)
Total votes: 25



Closing this poll... Black Hills is the winner.

Isn't it

the "Gnu" river? Just sayin'...


I'd rather be wise than smart.

New River Gorge WV

I was there in Sept 2013. Riding in the whole state is wonderful.
In the gorge there's a one lane road down, across the river and up the other side. Interesting low speed switchbacks.

Red Rider
Ride like you wanna ride tomorrow!


Sorry to all the Kalispellonians for spelling Kalispell wrong. :)