M&G Poll : Wisconsin (Prairie DuChien) VS Iowa (Dubuque)

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Wisconsin (Prairie DuChein)
65% (15 votes)
Iowa (Dubuque)
35% (8 votes)
Total votes: 23


J&P Cycles

not everyone knows this so i just thought i would make mention of it. J&P Cycles was started in Anamosa, IA which is about 45 miles from Dubuque, IA and then 90 miles from Prairie Du Chien, WI. Also in Anamosa is the National Motorcycle Museum. with that being said lining up the dates of the m&g with J&P's open house would be pretty awesome for everyone. Lots of bikers get the J&P catolog, but not everyone knows it is located in a small town in Eastern Iowa.
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