M&G VI Final --- Midwest Meetup Attendees will vote Saturday evening

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Wisconsin (Prairie DuChein)
73% (24 votes)
Michigan (Upper Penninsula)
27% (9 votes)
Total votes: 33


Will R

That's not to far for me about 750 miles.
Hope I can make it.
Any idea were the Toad Choker will be ?

Hope you all had FUN, Raymond

either way works for us

See you all in Wi next year.
I know just enough to be dangerous.

We'll see you all in

We'll see you all in Wisconsin for M&G VI!!!

^ Good choice ...

I'm planning already.

Nil Sine Labore

Ham & Eggs - one day job for a chicken, lifetime commitment for a pig

voting for M+G

After telling Candyass about how the attendee's of the MW M+G will be deciding where the M+G 6 will be, we hope they will chose the U.P. in Michigan, being that I'm still a Gander at heart and knowing how beautiful it is up there. All in all, either place will be nice, of course a it will be a short jaunt for me any way. So, chose wisely my friends, we are chewing our knuckles in anticipation of your choice, and my knuckles taste like crap. Mark/iceman55 + Candyass

Either one is good for me

They are not very far apart.
Red Rider



I'd rather be wise than smart.