Mustang Seats for the Yamaha V Star 1300

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Hey Gang... looks like the Mustang seats will soon be available... see below:

Will R.

V-Star 1300 Owners,

Mustang will soon start production of new seats for the V-Star 1300. These new seats will look exactly like those we now offer for the 1100. Please check the website during the next couple of days. As soon as the new listing for the 1300 is complete, orders can be placed online or by telephone. Please be aware that there will be an initial wait of from four to six weeks before the first seats become available.
The five seat styles being offered are:
1- Vintage two-piece
2- Studded two-piece
3- Day Tripper one-piece
4- Vintage two-piece with built-in driver backrest
5- Studded two-piece with built-in driver backrest
Check the attached picture of our first prototype seat on the 1300.
Thank you all for your patience while we build the most comfortable seats for your bike.

Customer Service


$99 question ... new backrest or no?

Before I order mine. What are the opinions on getting the new backrest? Is it a "must have" if one orders one of their seats. I will be ordering the 76563 - Vintage Wide Touring Seat. Should I also order the 75259 - Vintage Contoured Sissy Bar Pad. Would it be just for looks or would there be a comfort issue even with the backrest?

Anyone know if the new seat has any "Mustang" logo or lettering on it? I hate to spend that much cash & not let everyone know I have MUSTANG seats!