My initial ride with Buck's Lowers

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I arrived home this evening from an overnight at Ozark Lake State Park. I needed to get out of the house and away from civilization and I had been wanting to tour Ozark Caverns and Jacobs Cave (both are pretty cool). I arrived home, wind beaten, neck stiff, and ready to crawl off my ride after fighting a 20-25 mph crosswind/headwind (the aviators would call a quartering head wind).

I tried the arm across the chest trick... it just seemed to good to be true. Would these lowers really be able to block all that wind? By the way, thanks Butch... I noticed myself doing that trick on the way home when I needed a break from the wind... I managed to get some strange looks!

Upon arriving home, I noticed a package on the front porch... Buck's lowers had arrived! Quick turnaround... I mailed the check on Monday!

Imagine my excitement after being hammered by the wind all day!

Installation was a breeze... I think a 5 year old could mount these up. The brackets are obviously built to last, and overall construction looks very solid.

After doing some research on the net, I found 1 other place that offers lowers for the 1300, but it was my understanding that there were some issues with them hitting engine bars. Whether they have that issue resolved, I am not sure, but I do know that their lowers were pricier than Buck's. Maybe someone will comment and post the link to the other lowers as I seem to have misplaced it.

I couldn't wait and wanted to hop on the interstate to test them out. I ended up taking a 25 mile loop that put my in a headwind, crosswind and tailwind. I was truly amazed at the difference... and to be honest, I don't get truly amazed very often!

I noticed a little bit of down pressure on my helmet at 80 mph, but 90% of the wind noise was gone and vitually all helmet buffeting was eliminated. I was able to lift my visor and enjoy a breeze and not have my eyeglasses start bouncing around! Honestly, 80mph felt like 40mph with regards to the wind. I also noticed a reduction in wind around the grip areas of the handlebars. It felt as if I was riding in a bubble compared to what I had ridden in all day!

The crosswind was pretty much the same except for a few side gusts that shifted the bike a bit. I even got the opportunity to pass a semi... no problems! The sheer obviously still exists when passing the cab, but wind wise, everything was almost as calm as running in clean air.

This products is truly going to save my a$$ in a couple weeks when I head out for a 3400 mile trip to the Grand Canyon.

The only con I can think of is the fact that Buck doesn't currently accept credit cards. But please don't let this discourage you... the turnaround I experienced was faster than most places that do accept credit cards!

I would like to take this opportunity to say that I am not being paid or getting any commision by posting this review. I purchased these lowers as a consumer, and wanted to share my results.

Thanks for a great product Buck, and thanks Butch for introducing me to lowers!!

Will R.


Just Installed My Lowers!

I do not have the 1300 Tourer. I bought the 1300 in July. After a few trips on the highway without a windshield, I knew I had to have a windshield as I was getting beat up too bad! I purchased the Yamaha OEM windshield (medium). I searched and searched, but was unsure which windshield to get. I decided to spend more $$ and purchased the OEM one. I am 6'2" tall and get most of my height from the waist up. I only have a 34" inseam. The medium seems to be the best fit for me. Top of the windshield is below my nose and upper lip. Haven't tried the large, but feel medium is right.

Well that solved my chest getting beaten, but didn't solve the head buffeting. So, last Saturday I sent a check to Buck. Post Office wasn't open Monday, he had the check by Wednesday and I had the lowers in my hands on Friday. So, not counting days the PO wasn't open, it took 4 days from when I sent the check. Check went to Michigan and I live in Colorado. That is fast! I commend Buck for not doing the credit card route and for taking personal checks especially when the turnaround time is so fast!

So, the installation was a breeze. Directions were very easy to follow.

I headed out to the interstate after installation. I couldn't be more pleased and noticed a huge difference immediately! Pre lowers, I noticed extreme buffeting around 50 mph. Post lowers, I did not notice any buffeting until I hit 80 mph and that was like riding at 40 mph before.

If you need/want lowers, don't hesitate to get them from Buck!

Buck's Lowers on order!

After reading the rave reviews (and experiencing a lot of helmet buffeting at cruise) I've got them ordered. Thanks for this site. Saves a lot of seat-of-the-pants research and wasted bucks.

Initial impressions - update

Installed today. Test drive went well, eliminating the helmet buffeting (or more precicely, moving it to a new location out of my posture range). These things are work their weight in gold!

Update- I've ridden about 2000 miles with these lowers and have found that subtle adjustments shift airflow. Don't be afraid to move them about along their adjustment range to get the perfect fit.

Thanks Buck!!!

Simple lowers test

In Northern Minnesota we have been enduring 90's to mid 90's temps with unbearable humidity on and off for the past couple of weeks. Blacktop temps warm enough to fry an egg, Sahara like breezes off the road surfaces with no place to hide when riding the bike. Forest Fire hazard is high. So we haven't been putting on allot of daytime miles. We have ridden a few times after 8PM but we have to watch for deer and an occasional bear crossing the road. For those of us who have lowers if we wish to see what it was like riding before lowers were installed just spread your knees at 55 miles an hour and feel the wind like what it was before we had them. It 's just a simple reminder to what the heck those "fins" up front do. (Smile) ~ Butch

O.M.G I have been looking for lowers for soo long

It was awesome to find this review. I have been looking in all the usual places for lowers for my beloved 1300 for weeks. Its been driving me nuts !! Finally I will be abl to drive without the mind numbing buffeting from the wind.. Thank you so much for your post.