One sweet ride

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I picked up my candy red 1300 Tourer on May 4th. I had some accessories added on at the dealer prior to driving it home. Included in my package deal were passenger floor boards, rear luggage rack, chrome upper belt guard, billet frame inserts, chrome license frame, front axel bolt covers, and big bar engine guards, all from Yamaha. Also included were iso grips, red accent rings, and black and burgandy leather fringe caps from Kuryakyn. I've had a lot of compliments on the looks of my bike from other riders and also from people who happen to walk by as I'm just getting off the bike or getting on it. I did have trouble with the original sppedometer. The speed indicator needle kept sticking, but Yamaha replaced the speedometer with another one and it's now working fine. I did see where other 1300 owners had this same problem. Could maybe be a recall in the future? I'm impressed with the power of this machine. The Tourer is very comfortable to ride, handles well, and the looks of this bike are second to none!! It's a great machine for riding 2 up and my wife loves this bike as much as I do. It makes all the difference in the world when you have your soul mate to share the riding experience with. By the way, I named my bike "Candy" because of the beautiful red color and also because it is one sweet ride :-)

Still driving Candy

Been awhile Dave. Am still driving my 2013 Honda CB500X. But not long trips, Hope you are enjoying your scooter as before. My next bike will probably be BMW310R. Or a KTM 690. Didn't ride much last summer, road work and new 2.2 million dollar bridge built on my land. roads were awful. Hope you are well and still enjoying your ride. Hi to Brenda, ~ Butch

It sure has

It sure has been a while. I still have my 1300. Been in bad health that has caused life changing events. Nice to hear from you. Hope you are doing well.

Dave (#17 )
Bear Rocks, Pennsylvania

One sweet ride

Hi Dave,

Welcome to our site! I'm glad to hear of your pleasant experiences on the 1300!


Will R.