Rogers or Bust

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Tomorrow morning [early], I start my 2008 motorcycle trek. I’m pretty much packed and I’ll have “Enterprise” loaded tonight. Plan is to meet Will in Memphis and ride with him to Rogers. I’ll be bringing a Gold-Wing guy with me so I hope that won’t be an issue with our hard-core members : ). On the 25th We’ll be heading NW for Alberta for a few days visit with some acquaintances [and hopefully a visit with my son if he’s not out in the oil fields] then back across Canada with a dip into Minnesota to meet Butch. Oh boy … I’m really getting excited now!! Is it evident ??

See ya at Beaver Lake

Nil Sine Labore



Day 21

August 7, 2008

Home at least. Well. I’m home and after 10 hours on the road today [we got in at 5:20 pm local time], John wisely decided to stay over and ride home tomorrow [about 2.5 hours]. We put on 693 Kilometers today. God bless Garmin Gerty [the switch from miles to kilometers is simple and very useful for those of us living outside the USA]. 430 miles is the translation. We were slowed by a number of construction sights with one way traffic and only our first 25 or so miles out of Sault Saint Marie was four-lane. Some nice scenery along the north shore of Lake Michigan by the way. We ran into a number of showers as we headed east, so we rode in rain gear about half way here today.

So us two old farts rode the highways and byways of Ontario, NY, PA, WV, OH, KY, TN, AR, MS, KS, NB, WY, MT, Alberta, MT [again]. ND, MS, WI, MI and back to Ontario for a total of 10,200 Kilometers / 6338 miles. 21 days on the road, highlighted by meeting the gang at Beaver Lake, visiting friends and family in Alberta and shaking Butch’s hand in Hibbing, MS. There really ain’t no life like it!

This, of course was “Enterprise’s” first big adventure and I am not sorry that I acquired her. The V-Star 1300 performed flawlessly throughout. I’d suggest to all that this engine loves the high rev’s and I’d recommend staying away from lugging your baby. She seems much more content at the high end. As an aside, I bought the low windshield and I should have opted for the medium. Oh well. As for buffeting, well I know that this is a real issue with some here, but I love having the wind whipping around and I stop to light my smokes so I may add lowers at some point but perhaps I’m old school but when I RIDE I want to feel like I’m on a motorcycle and when I DRIVE I want the comforts I have with my high-tech SporTrac.

Anyway, my ride has built up my therapy credits for the remainder of 2008. Now where is 2009’s 1300 Fan Rally going to be ? : - )

Ride hard and long … and ride safe.

Nil Sine Labore


p.s. Thanks for posting the photos Butch

Day 20

August 4, 5 & 6, 2008

A couple of nights without Internet access folks so I’ll try to do a brief synopsis. John and I just settled in the Travelodge in Sault Saint Marie, MI. 373.4 GPS miles today, mostly across the UPI. We’ll do our Canada Customs thing early tomorrow [wish Customs was like the courts … NOT!], then head east on hwy 17 [Trans-Canada]. I may be home tomorrow but, having chosen this route, John may need an extra day.

We got from Glasgow, MT to Grand Forks, ND on the 4th. 479.6 GPS miles. It was a long day for us old farts, but making miles had a purpose as I think a number of you know.

Yesterday [July 5], I had the privilege of meeting Butch V and Jo in Hibbing, MN and as Butch sort of reported, we had lunch. He didn’t report that he wouldn’t let John or me even leave the tip. What a pleasure for me to meet Butch and Jo and as I mentioned the purpose of putting in a couple of long days was to do just that. And, as Rob [in the Dutch Mountains] mentioned, Will Reece deserves unfathomable credit for creating this unique website and “family”.

“Enterprise” has performed magnificently. She’s a little dirty and bug-infested but she’ll get a “Navy Yard” wash job when I get home. Garmin Gerty clocked me at 104 mph today passing a few vehicles before it got too close to a hill. I have no intention of doing this routinely but it’s comforting to know the power is there. I’ll definitely be needing a new rear tire before I venture too far again. I have 13030 kms / 8096 mi on the original [as I write] which is about what I expect from a rear motorcycle tire. Based on the great input here, a Metzler is probably going to replace this one.

I am very pleased to know that a number of you have been following this adventure. I’ll recap the mileage when I get home and I just have to say that there were three specific purposes for this trip. The Rally at Rogers [meeting Will and Chrissy], visiting my old military buddy and my son in Alberta and shaking Butch’s hand. Managed all three and had an incredible ride to boot.

More to follow.

Nil Sine Labore


Day 17 - eastward bound

August 3, 2008

We’re on the road again. John and I left the Crows Nest Pass behind early this morning and rode south into Montana at the Port of Piegan. Now settled into our motel in Glasgow, MT. Put 470 GPS miles on “Enterprise” today. She seems to love the hard ride. Once we cleared the Glacier Perk area [on Hwy 89] we were cruising Hwy 2 at 70 to 76 mph pretty much all the way [love Montana’s 70 mph speed limit : - )]. Not counting our stopped time we averaged 61.5 mph, which is a pretty good clip [numerous little slow down areas and I always keep at or under posted speeds in built-up areas]. I should add that including stops [we did more than usual today for photos] our overall day average was 41.8 mph. This is within 5 mph of most of the trips I’ve made over the years and for me at least, it’s a figure that I use when planning my multi-day trips.

Saw some incredible scenery today and will try to post a photo or two separately. Going to make a run for Grand Forks, ND tomorrow. Closing in Butch : - ).

Keep the shinny side up and Nil Sine Labore


p.s. Ship, can't tell you how many times I pushed the heel shifter down for another gear.

Update - alive and well

August 2, 2008

Thought it might be time to jump in again and let folks know that the trip to the Crows Nest Pass went well and after a really nice break and visits with my son and his mother as well as with my long time veteran buddy and some of his family and friends, John and I’ll be heading east [and home] tomorrow. But a few days from now I hope to be shaking hands with Butch in Minnesota

Wishing everyone well, and keep the shinny side up

Nil Sine Labore


Alive and Well

Greetings Conrad! Glad to know your trip went well. It was great to meet you in person at the meet & greet. You certainly know how to raise the level on the fun meter!

Ride Safe ~ Mike

Not to bore you but …

Here are some impressions after leaving Will and Chrissy on Friday. We’re in Great falls, MT for tonight so just a nice days ride from the Crows Nest Pass where I’ll be spending a few days.

Garmin Girty [zumo 550] this morning had me exit I-90 and at the end of the ramp was a stop sign. She then directed my straight through onto the on ramp and back onto I-90 all within the space of 750 yards. I’m beginning to think that Garmin has some programmers with a sense of humour.

I have been a big fan of Virgin-Mobile [my choice of cell phones in Canada and the USA]. I am becoming quite disillusioned however. Since hitting Kansas, I’ve either had no reception or I’m being intercepted by a third party carrier wanting a PIN and credit card information for roaming charges. I’m really quite pissed at this point and I’ll be trying to register a strong complaint with V-M here in the US. I say trying because they have an automated system that makes it nearly impossible to talk to a live person.

I hope all are well and in good sprits and I repeat…it was a real pleasure to meet those of you who made the rally at Beaver Lake.

Nil Sine Labore

p.s. addendum ... clocked "Enterprise" on Garmin Gerty at 99 mph in fourth gear yesterday on a nice long I-90 on-ramp. You're absolutely right Ship...she seemed to love the high revs. Writing from Blairmore Alberta. We got here at about 4 pm today.

Day 7 & 8

July 25, 2008

Well now … yesterday was GOOD day. [Skipped a report because I was too busy, then too lazy]. After dinner last night at Famous Dave’s I paused to reflect how we managed to stuff anything into us after Will’s amazing B-B-Q at Beaver Lake. In fact, more of the food went back to the kitchen than into us. Will, Chrissy, John and I went shopping early yesterday and managed to haul all the food, utensils and “implements of destruction” out to the lake on our three bikes. What fun …seriously. We got there about ten and set up. First to arrive [about 11 am was TL]. Then over the next couple of hours it was a steady stream of members and guests…introductions…ogling each others rides, flappin’ our gums and stuffing ourselves with hot dogs and trimmings. See Capt J’s post on the day ride. [I wimped out on this one… but then I still have about 15 or so day rides to get my ass home. WHAT A GREAT PLEASURE IT WAS FOR ME TO MEET OTHER MEMBERS : - )!

This morning, accompanied Will and Chrissy to KC, had an early lunch, said our farewells, then John and I headed west. We settled into a motel in Hays, KS about an hour ago [6:30 pm Central]. 484 GPS miles today. We’re planning on getting to north-west Nebraska tomorrow night so we’ll have a shorter run to Gillette, WY where we have to be by early afternoon on Sunday.

I see that Will has added a post and he’s already planning for a 2009 rally. I suggested we have it in Tuktoyaktuk, [look it up : - )]. Look for other posts folks … I’ll bore you no longer with my ramblings on this trip, at least for a few days.

Ride safe & Nil Sine Labore


Day 6

Jul 23, 2008

Big storm rolled through Harrison overnight last night and it looked pretty threatening as me, John, Will & Chrissy were getting ready to pull out this morning so we donned our rain suits. Within a matter of minutes we didn’t need them as the clouds blew away and the sun broke out. Had a nice short ride across route 412 and we stopped as we got into Springdale for a coffee and packed the rain suits away. We headed directly out to Beaver Lake and scoped out the facility. Really nice spot, right on the shore of the lake and we have shelter in case these rain clouds [with some occasional wild thunder and lightning] keep rolling through as they’ve been doing for the past couple of days and as one did about an hour or so ago. We’re settled into the Bentonville Travelodge motel right off I-540. We went out to the Star Days headquarters this afternoon and roasted in the hot sun as we checked out all the rides and vendors. Nobody has chrome lowers for our beloved machine yet and I got quite a song and dance on the subject from a Yamaha rep [Dave]. I honestly wonder sometimes how stupid these sales people think we are!

So here we are about 15 hours from the beginning of the big event and I am so looking forward to tomorrow. Nice gesture kaelar [877 glasses] and to all who responded to the post, Will is aware and appreciates it very much, so, on his behalf, thanks.

Nil Sine Labore


Day 5

July 22, 2008

Up bright and early this morning even though the alarm didn’t go off. Arranged yesterday to meet Will and Chrissy at an I-55 exit north of Memphis at 8 am. Not long out of Memphis, John stopped me on the highway when he spotted something flapping in the breeze and was concerned that I might be losing something. Turned out to be a strip of road tar that got caught up somewhere and fell off when I stopped. Just then a motorcycle pulled up and stopped in front of us. Will and Chrissy of course. So after introductions we headed up I-55 and across route 63, 62 and into Harrison, AR. About 10 this morning we pulled off and climbed into our rain suits as we looked ahead into a black sky. Stopped for gas about a half hour later and the rain started big time as we pulled out, so we stopped for brunch and waited for it to blow over. By early afternoon the sun was beating down and we had gotten out of the rain suits and moved on. As we approached Harrison about mid-afternoon the thunder and lightning started and the rain came [in buckets] just as we got under the motel breezeway. Thank you Lord : - ). A short but pleasant 278 GPS miles today with Will and Chrissy proving their mettle as riders that walk the walk as well as talk the talk. We have but a short run to Rogers tomorrow with the latest weather forecast calling for about a 20% chance of precipitation.

Ride safe all and see some of you over the next couple of days.

Nil Sine Labore


Day 4

July 21, 2008

Well here we are in Memphis, a day earlier than planned. Got here early enough to get “Enterprise” in for an oil change. It was done at Honda-Yamaha of Memphis and for you techies out there, they put Honda oil [10W40] in, so I’m convinced now that I’ve bought my last quart of Yamaha oil [at 10 to 15% more than most other brands].

Settled in for the evening [even though a little early] and just a few miles from Graceland. I suppose if I was an Elvis fan I’d be really excited but I believe he’s still alive and well and living in Tweed, Ontario, so a visit to Graceland is not in the cards. Many folks don’t understand why I don’t visit these landmarks but I repeat …it’s the ride that makes me happy. We rode I-65 then I-40 today so doing the back roads with Will tomorrow will be a nice change of pace. 278 GPS miles today. Sunny and HOT, HOT, HOT since about mid-morning.

Nil Sine Labore


Days 2 and 3

July 19, 2008 & July 20, 2008

Missed checking in last night [no working internet connection] in the Econolodge in Marietta, OH. They don’t provide shampoo either, but that’s another story.

When we got up yesterday in Mansfield there were five more bikes parked beside ours. One had two rolls of toilet paper wrapped around it. There was a 1300 Tourer [red] in the group. Turns out the guys are from around the Toronto area and were headed for the Blue Ridge parkway and Deals Gap. Fancy that.

So after a little chat off we went SW across PA, across the WV panhandle and into Ohio. We did a combination of Interstate and back roads and put on 385 GPS miles.

When we pulled into the Econolodge in Marietta there were a group of HD riders from the Akron area there on a weekender. Really nice folks with cold beer and everything. We got away before them this morning. We also met some people visiting from England. Ironically one of the women in the group has a brother living in Malta. [hope you’re reading this Joe].

So today we clocked 403 GPS miles and got ourselves SW in Ohio and into Kentucky at Portsmouth. Some really pretty country roads and oh yes…for the first time ever, I scrapped a floorboard [I don’t like the sound or feel of that at all: ( ]. Continued SW on the backoads of KY and got onto the Blue Grass Pkwy [stopped under an overpass a little after 2 pm as a vicious little thunder storm blew through – we got a pretty wet regardless as the rain was blowing almost horizontally from every direction]. Anyway, we didn’t melt and we made it south on I-65 to Bowling Green, KY today. That puts us a little ahead of schedule but that’s okay. Should easily make Memphis tomorrow [instead of Tuesday as planned] and “Enterprise” needs an oil change and John lost a speaker cover off his Gold wing so I’ll be seeking out a Yammy dealer and he’ll be looking for Honda dealer when we get there. [We just got off the phone Will].

I can’t quite put into words how much I enjoy the ride. It’s the journey and not the destination, although I wouldn't be here in Bowling Green if it wasn’t for meeting some of you folks at beaver lake on Thursday. You da man Will Rece : - ).

Be safe everyone and Nil Sine Labore


Day 1

Hi Ladies and germs

Writing you tonight from Mansfield, PA. John and I crossed the border [1000 Islands] at about 11 am. Rode I-81 south to Cortland, NY then peeled off and headed for Corning. No ladies we didn’t stop to buy corningware : ). 372.2 GPS miles for me and about 295 for John [He lives in Kingston].

GPS got a little mixed up in the Emira, Southport, NY area but after consulting the map [remember those?], we got back on track. I’m naming the zumo Gerty! Gerty actually wanted me to turn left down a dead end street when I could see the dead end and the sign. Oh well. She does try and she’s on more than she off so I’ll keep working with her.
Wanted to slap her though after she put us on stretch of about 8 miles of rough gravel road. After getting back on track we rode on a stretch of hwy 15 in northern PA with some spectacular scenery. Unfortunately no place to stop for photos. I did get one high atop a hill in NY looking across a plain into PA. I’ll try to post that at some point.

So that’s the day one wrap up. Tomorrow it’s SW across PA and into southern Ohio.

Take care all and Nil Sine Labore


Day 1...

Hiya Conrad! Chrissy and I are heading out here shortly. Glad to see you are on your way! Be safe, and we'll see you in Memphis!

Will R.

Ride Safe !

Hi Conrad,

Looks like a good trip to me. As I said beforre I wish I could join you at Beaver Lake, but it will have to be some other time.
Please take lots of pictures, you know I like them!
Be Safe and if/when possible drop us a line and let us know how you are getting on.


"In the Dutch mountains...."