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The best motorcycle I have ever owned.

After 3 sets of tires, 2 sets of brake pads and about 7 oil changes, my 2007 vstar 1300 T is still riding trouble free. I had some cosmetic issues with speedometer face and a saddlebag cooking in the Arizona and Nevada summer but that is it, about 30,000 - 40,000 miles. Oh, 2nd battery 1st one lasted 4 years.

California Santa Barbara Meet

So lets get this Chapter started and plan a meet in Santa Barbara soon. If there is a weekend that works best for the majority then we will set a date. Saturday or Sunday July 7 /8 , 14 /15, 21 / 22.

Just bought my Vstar 1300 and want to sit on your seat to check it out :). Hope to get a good gathering going.

Lompoc Ca.

So Cal Chapter Next ride

Very interested in getting together with any of the 119 other chapter members that are listed as members.
Lets plan a ride?

Anyone going to Laughlin this Weekend??? I might go down for Saturday/Sunday.

New Years Day Ride

Anyone interested in a ride from Banning, Ca. on New Years Day? I just got the first bit of info on this. Christian Motorcycle Accoc. Chapter in San Bernardino is going to meet in Banning, Ca. about 7:30 am for breakfast, then head out. If anyone is interested, stay tuned and I will get the rest of the details as soon as possible.


Where are you?

Now I know there are many 1300 riders here in Southern California. How come no one is writing? I do not see the road filled with you right now (Too darn cold for californian blood) Cmon, sound off and let me know you are alive. *S* I know of about a dozen good runs for December if you are not too busy.

Ride this Saturday?

Looks like the weather is gonna be great on Saturday. Anyone up for a ride? Im near Ventura and thinking about up the coast to San Luis Obispo, then over to Pozo's for lunch? Im open to any other ideas. Just no mountain passes, I forgot to order snow chains for the bike this year......

I did some online research about and liked what I saw. I am considering a membership. I also emailed the local chapter and got a very nice response. Has anyone here had any contact with them? I would like to hear what you might have to add.

Rides from Ventura County

Hey, I got my new V Star 1300 tourer almost broke in and will soon be ready for weekend road trips. I am near Ojai so Hwy 33 is always a favorite, but I am open to any destination. Lets get together and watch the road go by

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is there ganna be a ride ome time soon

So umm..

So....there we were....

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