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I'll be over in that area sometime between the 12th and the 17th of July to make the ride. Any tips for me, other than don't do nothin' stupid??

What they said:

look at each Wednesday to see what to do and not to do in pictures. Darrell likes to call 'em as he sees 'em.

I rode the Dragon 4 times last year, and I agree with TL, don't cross the yellow line, be wary of cars around the blind curves crossing the double yellow, and play nice, move over and let the sporties pass you up, it's actually a good show to see how fast they can take the curves more than your cruiser.

Also, you may want to make sure that the rock slide on the Tennessee side has been cleared.


Please visit the site -->

You will find pretty much all the info you might want/need. Look in the FAQ section for advice for 1st time riders. I found it to be REALLY helpful.

Best advice I can give --> Don't Cross the Yellow Line

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That pretty much sums it up.

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Good enuff, i can live with

Good enuff, i can live with that, and thanks for your response. Any hotels or cabins especially better than any others?

Alrite!!! The whole trip

Alrite!!! The whole trip went even better than I expected.........had a great time, Momma had a great time and is totally comfortable on the back now (and in fact, said we gotta go back in the fall). Thanks for the help and tips!