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Testing forum post... been broken for a long time.

Will R.


...and here I'd thought the site had finally dropped offline for good....I shouldn't be thinking such things....

Me too

I am getting the same warning box as Alan.

getting a warning box

Getting a red warning box on every page:

|| warning: Parameter 1 to profile_load_profile() expected to be a reference,
|| value given in /home3/cheesema/public_html/1300tourer/includes/module.inc on line 386.

Let me know if you need any PHP help.

Alan - St. Paul, MN
'13 1300D
'08 1300T w/ 85k miles (traded in 4/15)

I still get the warning

I see many posts that say biography on them and very few with topics that one can respond to. Is the site no longer working? I haven't posted in quite some time due to illness.

Dave (#17 )
Bear Rocks, Pennsylvania


I'm finally back on after almost a week of getting a 404 error when I try to log in

Will R.

Working here . Thanks Will.

Reply to testing

Seems to work


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commenting on forum post.